Ir Repeater Best Buy On Amazon

You can use the remote control from any place in the house when you have the right IR repeater, but this can be a difficult task. With so many brands and models available, it can be challenging to determine which products are worth your money and time.

So to get the best options for you, we compared some of the top options on the market and narrowed them down to a few of the best.

Editor’s Pick-Ir Repeater Best Buy

Ir Repeater Best Buy Reviews In 2022

1. BAFX Products (Infrared) IR Remote Control Extender or IR Repeater Kit

BAFX Products (Infrared) IR Remote Control Extender or IR Repeater Kit - Control 1 to 8 Devices (Expandable to 12!)
  • BUILD – Create the A/V setup of your dreams with the help of our Infrared repeater kit. Our kit allows you to place any IR controlled device out of sight of the remote control and still be able to control it. Put the cable box, DVD player & Roku in a closet hidden from view, close the door and STILL be able to use the remote control.
  • IMPROVED! Now compatible with ALL IR controlled devices with better performance, no lag & better ease of use. Now also compatible with Marantz devices! Compatible with all brands of components such as: Uverse, ATT, Cisco, Scientific Atlanta, Yamaha, Sony, Logitech, Verizon, LG, Apple & more!
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT – BAFX Products offers a 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects with a simple & super easy claims process. Not to mention our friendly and knowledgeable USA based support who are ready to help answer your questions and assist in getting you setup!
  • COMPACT – A smaller footprint than many other kits on the market allows the main block to placed just about anywhere along with a new and smaller IR receiver for a more discreet look. With the addition of mounting tabs on either side it can even be affixed to a wall, cabinet or ceiling!
  • CONTROL – With the provided components you can control up to 8 infrared devices (Expandable to 12 devices) from one location with the included IR Receiver (Expandable to 3 receivers). Extra Receivers and transmitters may be purchased separately.

Want to create the ultimate home theater setup, but have your IR-controlled components hidden from view? Our Infrared repeater kit has you covered, allowing you to place any IR-controlled device out of sight of the remote control and still be able to control it. Put the cable box, DVD player & Roku in a closet or out of sight under/behind your TV and still be able to use the remote control.


Many people wonder if our kit is compatible with a particular device. Our repeater kit will work with all IR-controlled AV devices. This includes but is not limited to devices such as Logitech, Uverse, Onkyo, Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, Cisco, Scientific Atlanta, Marantz, Denon, LG, Philips, Verizon Fios, Roku, Charter, Dish Network, DirecTV, Epson & More!

Should you have trouble getting the BAFX Products IR repeater kit to work with these or any other IR-controlled devices, the BAFX Products Support team will be more than happy to assist you!

Additional Important Notes

Plugging Directly Into Ir Ports On Devices: You may notice IR in/out ports on some devices. You MAY be able to use a Male to Male cable to connect our kit with such devices. We cannot promise that this will always work. It will depend on whether the device manufacturer has wired their port the same way as our kit and handles the signal similarly. We have verified that many Onkyo & Denon devices work with this but cannot make promises.

Plasma TVs: Plasma TVs emit stray infrared signals. In some rare cases, these stray signals may interfere with the operation of the kit. Moving the IR receiver slightly further from the TV will resolve this issue. LED & LCD TVs do not have this problem.

Extending Via Cat5 Lines: For this, we offer a prepackaged CAT5 adapter kit that may be purchased separately. The parts may also be obtained individually on their own as needed.

2. BAFX Products – All-in-One Infrared IR Repeater Kit/Remote Control Extender Cable

BAFX Products - All-in-One Infrared IR Repeater Kit/Remote Control Extender Cable / 1, 2 or 4 Device Contro (1 Device)
  • STREAMLINE your entertainment center by hiding your cable box, receiver, amp, Roku & other IR controlled devices hidden behind closed doors. No more boxes sitting out on the shelf or leaving cabinet doors open when your watching TV just so you can use your remote control! Give your living space a more refined, more streamlined look! CONTROL 1 to 4 devices using our kit depending on which model you choose. We have models to cover 1, 2 or 4 devices. Choose the model that best suits your setup for.
  • COMPATIBLE with all IR controlled devices! We have tested our IR repeater kits with thousands of IR devices to make sure that they work and work well with all frequencies of IR dual band included. No matter the make/model of your devices, as long as they use an IR remote control, our IR extender kit will work with it. Compatible with: Charter, Cisco, DirecTV, Dish Network, Marantz, Motorola, Onkyo, Roku, Scientific Atlanta, Sony, Spectrum, U-Verse, Yamaha, & more! Still uncertain? Contact BAFX!
  • SIMPLE, EASY & COMPACT setup with our all-in-one cable IR repeater / remote control extender kit. Plug the USB into your TV, set top box or other device for power (you may also use a wall adapter - sold separately), then paste the emitter using it's own adhesive over the IR receiver on the device you wish to control. Lastly, place the IR receiver end in the line of sight of your remote control (no further than 28' from remote control) and that's it! You're all set!
  • RESISTANT to interference from stray infrared sources such as plasma TV's & CFL lightbulbs! Worried that your plasma TV or CFL bulbs will cause interference with this IR repeater just like your old IR repeater you bought years ago? Worry no more! With our new plasma resistant technology nearly all of these trouble causing stray IR signals are filtered out! No more randomly changing channels or flashing lights caused by your TV or lightbulbs!
  • EXCELLENT MANUFACTURER WARRANTY from BAFX Products. Even though this is extremely inexpensive, BAFX Products stands behind everything we sell or we won't sell it. Your all-in-one IR extender is covered by our 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and is super easy & simple to claim should the need arise! We also extend Amazon's normal 30 day return period with our 60 day, no hassle, no questions asked return policy. Miss the return window from Amazon? No problem. Just contact BAFX!

Give your entertainment center a refined, streamlined look by hiding your cable box and other IR-controlled devices behind closed cabinet doors. Our kit is simple to install; just mount the included device inside of your cabinet door, plug the power supply into an outlet, connect it to the signal receiver, then run the receiver cable out behind the cabinet to connect with your devices! No more boxes sitting out on the shelf or leaving cabinet doors open while watching TV just so you can use your remote control! Control up to 4 devices per kit using our three models. Choose one of two single device kits that best suits your setup for 1 or 4 devices, a dual device kit for 2 devices or a quad device kit for control over 4 devices.

Remote Control Extender Cable

Are cable boxes, A/V receivers, media players, or other IR (infrared) controlled devices cluttering your otherwise beautiful entertainment setup? Suppose you only have a short distance to move them to a closed location, but that prevents you from using your remote control with them. In that case, the BAFX Products all-in-one IR extender / remote control extender cable is the perfect solution to your problem! Hide those unsightly devices away to the dark cabinet below where they belong! No mess of cable boxes detracting from your entertainment experience!

Universal IR Compatibility

The BAFX Products IR repeater cable has been extensively tested on hundreds of cable boxes, satellite boxes, media players, receivers, DVD players, surround sound systems, projectors & more! Our kits have been fully vetted from Sony, Marantz & Scientific Atlanta & Yamaha, Onkyo & more!

Will this work with my device? Yes! As long as your device is IR-controlled, our IR repeater cable will work with it. If you experience any problems, the BAFX Products customer support is unparalleled!

Will this transmit the Audio & Video signal too? No! Our remote control extender kits ONLY transmit the IR signal from the remote control to your devices. You will still need to connect your device to the TV using an HDMI cable or other method!

3. Cable Matters Infrared Remote Extender Cable, IR Repeater Cable

Cable Matters Infrared Remote Extender Cable, IR Repeater Cable - 10 Feet
  • IR remote control cable extends the signal to a video source like a Blu-ray player so it can be controlled from your TV; Blue LED in IR Receiver bulb verifies the signal transmission
  • Home theater accessory repeats the IR signal to a DVD player, STB box, Receiver or other A/V source with an IR sensor; Route the infrared remote control extender cable out of sight with a wall mounted TV; Install the IR Transmitter end in a concealed equipment closet to hide a CATV box and control it remotely
  • Simple installation of this lightweight IR cable; Locate the IR Blaster near the source sensor to repeat the signal to the source; Place the IR Receiver in a convenient location with line of sight of your hand-held remote; IR Tx and Rx cables have adhesive circles on the back for mounting
  • USB powered IR extension cable has an integrated 6 foot Y-cable to receive 5V USB power; USB cable on the IR remote extender cable connects to a TV USB power port or to a USB wall charger
  • Universal compatibility of IR extender cable with most A/V equipment with infrared sensors (not RF); 30 degree IR Receiver angle provides plenty of leeway to get the right angle with your remote

The Cable Matters IR Remote Extender Cable for HDMI delivers reliable signal transmission between your HDTV/Blu-ray player and video source equipment. This IR repeater cable allows you to control devices not physically located on the same side of the room with a standard remote control without any extra cables. Simply plug the sender into the HDMI port on your TV and the IR receiver into a vacant port on a Blu-ray player or other video source device.

Complete Line Of Cables

Cable Matters, with headquarters in Southborough, Massachusetts, offers a complete line of cables, adapters, docking stations, and networking products for the home, office, and data center. Cable Matters offers first-class, quality, and affordable products backed by an exceptional customer experience.

Remote Control Solution

The Cable Matters Infrared Extender Cable is the perfect solution for controlling a Blu-ray player, CATV box or another video source from your TV. Use your TV remote even when a soundbar blocks IR sensor access. Connect to home theater components concealed in a cabinet or nearby closet.

4. BAFX Products – RF Wireless IR Repeater Kit

BAFX Products - RF Wireless IR Repeater Kit / Infrared Remote Control Extender Kit; Hide Your Cable Box Out of Sight; No Wires to Run
  • Hide your IR remote controlled devices completely out of sight! In another room, in the cabinet or wherever you can imagine!
  • Does your remote control stop working if your cable box is 20' away but you want to put the cable box downstairs? Not a problem with our wireless remote control extender!
  • Suitable for most homes 3-5,000 SQFT or less. Our wireless IR extender can span 50-300ft, depending on your homes contstruction which can reduce the distance it may span.
  • Sit and change channels on the cable box while the box is in the basement and your upstairs.
  • Simple to follow setup video, helpful technical support and an awesome, 1 Year manufacturer warranty from BAFX Products!

Reduce the cable clutter in your living room and wirelessly extend the range of your infrared remote-controlled devices! Hide your cable box, Blu-ray player, DVD player, and more completely out of sight.

Hide All Your Ir-controlled

The BAFX Products Wireless IR Repeater Kit allows you to hide all your IR-controlled A/V equipment behind closed doors or in another room while still being able to control them with your current IR remote controls. With our new wireless kit, there is no need to run a wire from the IR receiver end of your setup to where the devices are located. Simply plug the IR receiver end in the room where you want to control your devices, plug the emitter end into an outlet near the devices you are trying to control, and then attach one emitter head to each device! Simple as that! No more messy wires to run through walls or floors.

Remote Control Devices

This BAFX Products RF Wireless IR Repeater Kit will enable your remote control devices to communicate with each other at much greater distances. For example, if you have one room in your house where all of the devices are located (e.g., living room TV, cable box, Blu-ray player, sound bar, and stereo system), then having a repeater kit in that room would make all of your remote control commands operate throughout your entire home.

5. Infrared Repeater System IR Repeater Kit Control

Infrared Repeater System IR Repeater Kit Control Up to 10 Devices Hidden IR System Infrared Remote Control Extender Kit
  • Infrared Repeater Kit controls your IR remote controlled devices that are hidden behind doors or in other rooms. Kit controls up to 10 devices - Expandable to 12 devices
  • IR Repeater controls up to 10 home theater devices kept behind closet doors or in a closed cabinet with IR Infrared Remote Control Extender Repeater System. This product allows you to control A/V equipment with your existing IR remote controller, such as: amplifier, cable box, stereo receiver, Satellite TV receiver, CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player, Etc
  • IR Repeater Kit comes with broadband remote control, it is compatible with almost all the electronics appliances in the market with its wide frequency range. IR remote control repeater ( transceiver) is a product which amplifies the IR signal of your appliances, you may be able to conceal your appliances such as in your TV console or cabinet
  • High sensitivity, Real time transmission without any delay with its high sensitivity sensor. Remote indication lights on IR receiver:green being power connected while flashing red indicates the signal is being sent. CFL friendly: this duafire unit can be installed in an area with compact fluorescent lighting and work in the most lighting environments
  • Note: plasma displays emit IR frequencies during use and may cause interference. It is advised to distance the IT receiver from any plasma TV or display ability to control multiple appliances at various locations up to 10 m1. Connect IR receiver to any of the 3.5 mm ports on the IR transceiver,IF 2 or more IR receiver are connected, the distance between 2 IR receiver should not be less than 6 m to avoid interference

Infrared Repeater Kit controls your IR remote controlled devices that are hidden behind doors or in other rooms. It is useful for controlling appliances or components of your home theater system that are not within reach of your remote control but still need to be controlled from the comfort of your couch. This kit will help you create your home automation system, allowing you to control multiple devices with a single remote.

Existing Ir Remote Controllers

This product allows you to control A/V equipment with your existing IR remote controllers, such as an amplifier, cable box, stereo receiver, Satellite TV receiver, CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player, and more. Infrared Repeater Kit controls up to 10 home theater devices kept behind closet doors or in a closed cabinet with IR Infrared Remote Control Extender Repeater System.

Broadband Remote Control

The infrared remote control repeater will be useful for all who want their home electronics to be controlled easily. The IR repeater kits come with a broadband remote control, compatible with almost all the electronics appliances on the market. The IR remote control repeater ( transceiver) is a product that amplifies the IR signal of your appliances; you may be able to conceal your appliances, such as in your TV console or cabinet.

How To Choose The Best Ir Repeater Best Buy

For instance, purchasing products such as infrared repeaters can be easily done on Amazon. Infrared repeaters can sometimes be difficult to locate, and new users struggle to navigate the platform.

When selecting an infrared repeater from Amazon, you should consider these factors:


If you want to buy infrared repeaters on Amazon, you have to consider the price. Quality products at reasonable prices are attractive to most people. Shopping around for the best deal is something you can do by comparing prices.


When purchasing infrared repeaters on Amazon, take your brand into account. Different sellers offer several kinds of brands, and if you want to make the right choice, you need to know the brands each seller offers. The price of Apple products is higher than a lesser-known but more expensive brand.


Before purchasing an infrared repeater, be sure you are considering its functionality. The specifications of an infrared repeater generally determine its functionality. Advanced specs yield higher performance.

Old Customer Reviews

Often, Amazon customers provide feedback regarding their purchases of infrared repeaters. Product pages always include reviews. You will obtain valuable information by reviewing the infrared repeater you wish to purchase.

FAQ: Ir Repeater Best Buy

Ir Repeaters Do What?

A/V equipment, such as receivers, amplifiers, TVs, home theatre systems, cable boxes, stereo receivers, satellite TV receivers, CD players, DVD players, and Blu-ray players, is controlled by the repeater system using your existing IR remote control. It is possible for plasma displays to cause interference by emitting IR frequencies while in use.

What Are The Differences Between Ir Extenders?

A distinct frequency is assigned to each IR signal. Kilohertz is the unit of measurement for these frequencies. Remote control and television must work on the same frequency to control your device (such as the TV). Those that only work with a single frequency is known as Single Band IR extenders.

Ir Extenders Are Used To Extend The Range Of An Ir Signal?

It enables the Smart Touch Remote to communicate with other AV devices or your cable box through Samsung’s Infrared Extender cable. The Smart Touch Remote will allow you to control your cable box and change channels without using the cable remote.

How Do You Use An Ir Extender?

If using the IR Extender with the TV Box or TV Adapter, connect it to the IR In input on the back. A direct line of sight should exist between the IR Extender and the remote as its other end.

What Is A Wireless Ir Repeater?

An IR (infrared) repeater transmits the remote control’s IR signal to locations where the remote might be unable to go otherwise. The use of an IR repeater kit is useful if you store equipment inside a closet or a different room where the IR signal is difficult to reproduce.


Although finding the best IR repeater isn’t overwhelming, it may seem that way at first. You can see the best options in the market today by reviewing all the items on this list and our top pick so that you can make your decision more quickly.

The information you have now can help you determine which IR repeater kit is best for your home, regardless of whether you want to purchase one of the kits on this list or do some further research.

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