1. How do I connect my social media accounts with Everypost?

Learn how to configure your account with our step-by-step guide: http://everypost.me/blog/how-to-configure-your-everypost-account/

2. How do I schedule posts with Everypost?

Learn how here: http://everypost.me/blog/schedule-view-edit-pending-posts/

3. How do I share posts through Dropbox and email?

Click here to learn more: http://everypost.me/blog/share-posts-dropbox-email/

4. I Haven’t received my 6 digit verification code, what do I do?

If you have not received an email with the verification code, please try checking into your email’s Spam folder. If the code is not in Spam, you may also try to login with your Facebook account, this will not require you to input a code.

5. I’m having trouble connecting Google Plus. What should I do?

Since Google Plus has not released an official API for app developers yet, we’ve come up with our own solution, developed in-house, to allow you to post to both personal and company Google Plus pages. Here are some solutions that may help you add Google Plus:

Google Plus will not connect because I have Google 2-Step Verification activated.

You will need to disable Google 2-Step Verification in order to connect your Google Plus account to Everypost. Please visit this link on your device to disable 2-step verification: https://www.google.com/settings/security

After disabling Google 2-Step Verification, I’m still having problems connecting Google Plus.

Some users have received an additional error, even after disabling 2-step verification. In this case, you will need to complete the Google Unlock Captcha so as to allow Everypost access to your account from a new application. Please visit this link on your device to complete the Unlock Captcha: https://accounts.google.com/b/0/DisplayUnlockCaptcha

After disabling Google’s 2-Step Verification and completed the Google Unlock Captcha, I’m still having problems connecting to Google Plus.

Since Google+ does not offer a public API, Everypost does not guarantee its proper functioning. Some users may encounter issues connecting their accounts or posts being inconsistently sent. At this time, we cannot offer additional technical support, as this network is very unreliable. Google+ can only be activated in LAB mode, where use of this network remains at the sole discretion of the user. We apologize for this inconvenience that this may cause. Hopefully, in the near future Google+ will support third party posting apps.

6. There was a suspicious login detected, Google is asking me to reset my password.

You don’t need to worry, these are our servers! Unfortunately Google does not provide an official API, so Everypost emulates a web session to publish content. These connections are made from different Everypost servers, some of them located in Portland, Oregon. Google sometimes can detect this activity as suspicious because it has registered other logins done by the user from another location in a short time period.

7. My Twitter account says it won't link, what do I do?

Try logging out and logging back into the Twitter under settings. If that does not work, please email support@everypost.me.

8. Can I post on two Twitter accounts at the same time?

Not yet, but we're working to make that happen!

9. Are there any plans to add Instagram?

We’re waiting on Instagram to release a public API. We’d love to add Instagram, but it is currently closed to integration with third-party posting applications.

10. I cannot log in to Pinterest and I’ve received an email that says my Pinterest account has been changed to secure mode and asking me to change my password. What should I do?

In some cases when you log in outside your country Pinterest protects your account and ask for a password change. You should complete the steps Pinterest requests and after that you will be able to log in again.

11. I'm having trouble with my Pinterest account, it says I have no boards available.

Since Pinterest does not offer a public API, Everypost cannot guarantee its proper functioning. Some users may encounter issues with their boards not being recognized or posts being inconsistently sent. At this time, we cannot offer additional technical support, as this network is very unreliable. Pinterest can only be activated in LAB mode, where use of this network remains at the sole discretion of the user. We apologize for this inconvenience that this may cause. Hopefully, in the near future Pinterest will support third party posting apps.

12. Is multiple photo posting allowed?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!

13. How do I use the Everypost photo filters?

Photo filters are currently only available if you are using Everypost on an iOS device.
Click here to view our filter guide: http://everypost.me/blog/everypost-photo-filters/

14. How do I customize my posts?

The ability to customize your posts appears once you have selected at least two social networks to publish content to and begin writing. Click here to learn how this feature works: http://everypost.me/blog/how-to-use-everypost-customization-feature/

15. Can I sync my phone contacts to Everypost?

Yes, your personal contacts information is automatically synced to the Everypost app to populate social media contact information such as Twitter handles.

16. Can I use Everypost on iPad and Android tablets?

Yes, Everypost is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, Android phones and tablet devices.

17. Can I post to Company Pages?

Yes! With Everypost you can publish content to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ company pages.

18. How do I post to my Company Pages (Facebook, Google+ and Likedin)?

Click here for our detailed guides:
- Facebook Company Pages: http://everypost.me/blog/cross-post-company-pages/
- LinkedIn & Google+ Company Pages: http://everypost.me/blog/cross-post-company-pages/

19. How does the Everypost Twitter text shortener work?

For a step-by-step guide, click here: http://everypost.me/blog/extend-your-tweets/

20. What social networks can I connect to Everypost?

Everypost currently supports publishing content to the following: Facebook Personal Profiles, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+ Personal Pages, Google+ Business Pages, LinkedIn Personal Pages, LinkedIn Company Pages, Pinterest Boards, Tumblr Blogs, Dropbox, and Email.

21. Can I mention my friends or other pages and hashtag through Everypost?

Yes! When you tap the hashtag sign, a list of trending hashtags will appear, which is updated every half hour. You can also use the @ to mention to users through the app. Keep in mind, Everypost will just show the contacts you have integrated into your iOS mobile device’s address book when you tap the “@” button in the app (this process is automatic in Android).

22. Which devices is the Everypost app compatible with?

Everypost is compatible with iOS and Android devices (mobile and tablet)

23. Which browsers are compatible with Everypost?

All browsers are compatible, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

24. I got the error ”Access Token Expired”, what should I do?

When you receive the error "Access Token Expired" on any of your social media channels, you will need to logout of your social media account(s) within Everypost and login again.. This should do the trick! If after this you are still having issues, please contact us at: support@everypost.me

25. How can I contact Everypost for additional technical support?

Please feel free to email us at support@everypost.me.