5 Ways to Use the New Twitter Analytics Dashboard


The new Twitter analytics dashboard is looking more like a control panel these days. Its new display for impressions data will rock your world and give you the details you need to make your social media presence take flight. We’re elated that Twitter is now allowing us to analyze more than just the sharing metrics of retweets and favoriting.

Here’s what you can track with the new impressions data dashboard:

  1. Link clicks: This consumption metric will help you measure brand awareness and website traffic. You should be raising questions from these numbers, such as, how do these consumers interact differently than others who visit my site? Do consumers come back for more?

  1. Hashtag clicks: Are you finding the right audience and driving the right conversations? You can use this metric to expand your reach and grow your audience to build brand awareness.

  1. How many people installed your app or opened it: This is a great lead generation metrics, which allows you to evaluate whether or not visitors who are consuming this content are becoming leads. (Note: The one catch is you’ll need to include a tracking line in the code of your app in order to monitor how many people coming from your Twitter ads are downloading it, or this number will always show up as 0)

  1. If you received follows or profile views from a particular tweet> A sharing metric that allows you to see just how much impact your content has made throughout the Twitter waves.

  1. CSV export tool: Now you can view up to 3,200 tweets with a breakdown of the impression and other metrics. Use this tool to view broader patterns in your social media activity.

The impressions metrics will even tell you how many times a publication has been viewed on the Twitter app for Android or iOs. Also, for the first day a Tweet has been published, you can look at an hourly breakdown of these metrics.

Once you decide what you are hoping to accomplish with your social media marketing, you can use these stats to identify how users are interacting with your tweets in a very specific way. This information will allow you to tweak your strategy more efficiently, leaving less guesswork for you.

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