There’s an App for What? Top 5 Wildest Apps Out There


Smartphones have changed our lives. Every day it seems there are new apps hitting the marketplace to help us be better organized, more productive or simply entertained.  This app boom has also brought us a myriad of apps that fall outside the expected, and range from useless to fascinating.

Check out five of the most unconventional apps available today:

Bubble Wrap

Are you bored? Stressed? Do you love annoying the people who are sitting around you?  Do you have a bubble-popping addiction that just can’t be satiated by the bubble wrap you manage to scrounge up at your home or office?  Then Bubble Wrap is the app for you.  Endless hours of bubble-popping good times.



Not really a game, not really a music video.  PolyFauna combines breathtaking graphics with the eerie sounds of Radiohead.  This musical performance art is interactive, in that you start out seeing a dark night sky and the images and sounds you experience from there are up to you.  This app is difficult to really wrap your head around until you try it, but go ahead and check it out.  It isn’t a game so you can’t really win, but if you’re curious to get in touch with your inner creative spirit you can’t really lose either.


Honey, it’s me

This is basically a fake girlfriend app.  You can call your fake girlfriend any time and can schedule received calls from her via facetime four times per day.  The messages are pre-recorded and randomly assigned, and they can be accompanied by over 100 HD images of your fictitious girlfriend.  If you feel you could use more ‘checking-in’ in your life, but don’t want to interact with a real person, this app is for you.


Unicorn Disco

This app creates characters using the photo library on your iPhone, which then dance to a playlist of your creation.  Ever wondered what it’d be like to see you friends dressed as circus animals dancing to Justin Bieber? Wonder no more.


Hold On

This app is so basic it’s almost puzzling.  There is a button in the center of the screen and you are tasked with pressing it for as long as you can.  The timer keeps track of your performance, and you can presumably challenge your friends for very esteemed bragging rights on this challenge.