Top 5 Ways Your Business Can Use Everypost

Our fans use our social network manager for many different reasons – updating family, sharing stories, etc.  But what about businesses?  Everypost is a great tool for social media posting and businesses should listen up!  Here are the top 5 ways that businesses can use our social networking app.

1. Announce a Job Opening:  Are you hiring and want a social referral? Or do you need to find someone fast?  Everypost is a great way to send out your job posting to all of your networks at once, so you don’t have to manually post everywhere.  You’re bound to find a great candidate after posting on all of your networks

2. Promote an Event: If your company is having an event, most likely you want a lot of people to attend.  Promote your event using Everypost so that you can reach the maximum number of people.  Use appropriate hashtags and you’ll find just the right guests.

3. Publicize a Contest or Giveaway: If your company is having a contest, then you want to make sure everyone in your network knows about it. Use Everypost to update contest rules and regulations on all of your social media pages quickly and easily.

4. Company Updates/News: Are you opening a new office? Or maybe there’s a new rockstar team member?  Announce on your networks your company news so everyone can congratulate you and stay informed.  If you just want to put it on your LinkedIn and Google+ that’s fine too, you can always choose where you post with our tool.

5. Ask for Feedback: No company is perfect – we all need and appreciate feedback from users.  Are you launching a new product? Then ask your users to try it out and give you feedback.  You’ll be able to send the request to a large group and get back true fans wanting to try your new product.

Managing your social networks can be really easy once you download Everypost for iOS or Android.  And per #5, we love getting feedback, so follow us on our social media networks and let us know what you think!

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