Tips for Taking Better Photos With Your Phone


The camera on your phone can be a valuable tool for snapping photos of everyday life when you don’t always have a standard camera with you. Today’s mobile camera phones are extremely advanced and can produce high quality photos, that is if you know how to use your camera’s functions properly.

Here are some useful tips for taking better photos with your phone!


Phone cameras are best known for shutter lag, so hang on and keep still an extra second or two after you have pressed the button to avoid blurred photos. Get used to your phone’s camera timing so you know just how long you need to press the shutter release in order to capture the image in the right moment.


Avoid direct sunlight whenever possible. An overcast day is one of the best outdoor lighting situations for taking photos of people.

Get Steady

If you have shaky hands, try placing your hand with your phone against a wall, or rest your arms against your hip. Providing more light when available will also help you to avoid blurry photos.



Use the rule of thirds to make simple phone photos stand out. Avoid placing your subject in the middle of the frame, but rather to the side, one third of the way in.


Get Creative

There are plenty of apps out there for touching up your camera phone shots. With Everypost you can choose from 18 different photo filters to style and show off your pictures. Snap a picture from within the app or apply filters to previously captured images.

Check Your Settings

Choosing the highest quality setting on your camera phone is always the best bet. However, if you need to save space and choose between your camera quality settings or the resolution, opt for lowering the resolution if it’s unlikely you will be making prints of your photos.


Keep the Lens Clean

The lens on camera phones can get dirty fast. Even the smallest smudge or fingerprint on the lens can affect the outcome of your photos as it makes it more difficult for the camera to focus through the smudges.  So be sure to keep the lens clean if you want to get the best photos possible.



Try to declutter your background as much as possible so your viewers won’t be distracted from the subject of the photo. You can also try placing the subject of your photo in front of backgrounds that offer some context to the story you want to tell in the picture.

Avoid Zooming

The built-in zoom function in most phone cameras is not optical but digital, which can lead to things getting blurry quick. Instead of zooming, move closer to your subject if you can, or try cropping the photo afterwards to receive the “zoomed in” results you desire.



Mastering the art of photo photography is all about trial and error. The best way to take better photos with your phone is by shooting regularly, whether it’s a shot of your morning breakfast, your family, or an event at work, it’s important to practice your skills any chance you get.

Thankfully there are many technical photo settings and options on camera phones today and easy apps like Everypost that can help you get creative with your camera phone photos!


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