The Five C’s of Social Media Marketing that should Define your Strategy!

2015 marketing campaign With social media, one can be assured that the only constant in its world is change. There are innumerable changes within the social feeds to the search algorithms, preference of content types, and the design too. There is a huge amount of data to encourage individuals and businesses for getting close to the social media trend. But one needs a personal strategy to implement it so that one has aligned their social media strategy with their business. To understand the social media landscape though, it is quite similar in different contexts. One should stick to the five C’s of social media marketing if you are keen to “C” success: Content Content holds a very higher place especially while drafting a social media strategy. One can look into the rules of varied social media channels like Facebook, but good content has a place in each of the sites. There is no place for promotional content in Facebook since the site is keen to smack each of the businesses down to and reduce their organic reach. For Facebook believes that businesses who want to sell, should rather advertise instead of posting promotional content all through the pages. One needs to develop engaging content and informative content that invites people and makes them wanting to learn more. For that one need to develop strategies of contents.

  • Creating and curating content is one way to share through social media channels.
  • Posting original content on social media sites helps in your brand building strategy and one should stick to writing creative lines for attracting attention. But one should refrain from pseudo-intellectual content that will instead of attracting visitors and readers, alienate them from the brand.
  • Content should demonstrate thought leadership and expertise along with immense clarity on the subject.
  • It is important to be clear enough while communicating with people and extremely focused on things that you want to discuss around few messages that people would understand.
  • Pick key points from curated content to create relevant questions that will invite comments on it.
  • The content shared by friends, followers, or connections are also important so it is essential to share or retweet content from others by dedicating some time to see what others are sharing and then build a conversation around the same.

Community Social media is essentially a community based thought sharing. By conversing and even sharing content, one can connect with others and get the audience engaged meaningfully. One can influence thoughts, opinions, and facts with a like-minded community who are ready to lap up new stuff anytime and anywhere. Ignite your brand’s social connections in the community and enlighten people with the inside scoops, ask their feedback and let them share their experiences, excitement and even their ideas. Making them special is an important step in building a community. It is essential for brands to working on building a community that helps your business to form new relationships along with the existing ones. Establishing a strong web presence through social media can boost your visibility in search engines and even makes it easy for your prospects to learn more about your offerings. It is highly important to grow your own community and get people interested in what you have to offer.

Conversion Social brand advocates aim to offer a sustainable community that thrives on every element of your organization but one needs to pay attention to paid media too. There is a single goal behind it all – to convert. As part of advertising, one needs to focus on creative thoughts to convey the message across the audience and prompt repeated clicks. When reaching landing pages, your audience should click for the end result. One needs to increase visibility, build engagement and even increase follower counts. Conversion to sales includes revenue, procurement of email address, downloading a white paper and so on. Never put money on a post because there has been a small spike in its likes. To grow engagement and reach, one should opt for other options.

Conversation People are driven by brands who can engage them like celebrities or athletes engage with them. The importance of humanizing brands can be done through conversations that touch an emotional chord. When favorite brands and celebrities respond to or share a post, they create a flutter of happiness for people who have written it. Stop broadcasting and get to the core of a conversation. People speak about brands they feel connected to and prefer, so it is important to create conversations that revolve about their brand interests to multiply the effect.

Commitment Using social media channels for business is a commitment. One needs to take time out to blog, put in posts and even comment on others. If you are going to write for social media, there should be a specific calendar and a schedule for the same. People should be accustomed on the topics you are going to write on specific days. Don’t get overwhelmed for responding to tweets or posts that have tagged you. Set some time for the same but do get back to it as soon as you can.

Final Verdict Now as you can “C,” knowing when to stop and start is essential too. Social media marketing is all about the five C’s and the ability to know where your strength lies, online.

Author Bio Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps. Being an avid gamer himself, he has converted many game ideas into reality. He is an Android Game Developer, with acute knowledge of mobile game design and user experience design.

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