Introducing Everypost 2.6 – Unlimited Social Media Posting On The Go


The new iOS version of Everypost is now available in the App Store! We’ve expanded our mobile app to give you the most complete and easy way to manage your social media posting on-the-go. With this update, we’re also very excited to introduce our new Pro Plan, which allows you to now enjoy:

  • Unlimited Post Scheduling – Schedule as many tweets, Facebook posts, and messages on other social networks as you wish in advance.

  • Unlimited Social Profile Changes – Switch between your different social network profiles as often as you’d like; including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Company Pages.

  • Early Access to Upcoming Premium Features

Upon downloading Everypost 2.6 for iOS, we’re offering a free 30 day trial to our new Pro Plan and the opportunity to try out these exciting new features. Don’t worry, we still have our free version; however, the Everypost Pro Plan offers a few more features for you to enjoy.

You can download the new version of Everypost for free in the App Store. Our Pro Plan starts at $9.99/month ($99.99/year) after the free trial.

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As always, thank you for being an Everypost fan! Let us know what you think by following us and sending us your thoughts on Twitter @everypost, we’d love to hear from you!

Social Analytics


Measure and make smarter decisions with social metrics

Our analytics feature allows you to be sure that your social media campaigns are effective. If you only post and don’t measure, then you may find that your customers are losing interest or stop following your company’s advancements. Measuring your social media campaign ensures that you know what works and when, so you capture your audience’s attention and keep it.

  • Everypost’s built-in analytics will help you measure the following items:
  • Your total fans and/or followers
  • Post frequency
  • Amount of each type of post (text, photo, video, link)
  • Most effective time for posting
  • Top posts (based on reach, engagement, likes, comments, RTs, favorites, etc.)
  • Competitor comparison (How your brand stacks up against top competition)



Easily manage roles within your organization

Collaboration is a useful tool which enables you to work with your employees or colleagues simultaneously, while improving the productivity of your business.

Create groups of social networks, collaborate, and manage roles and permission levels between team members

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How to Use Social Media for Crisis Management


Do you know the impact of a communication crisis? A recent survey indicated that 28% of communication crises spread internationally within an hour and 69% within 24 hours. It was the that time lost in responding to an incident that put most companies up to ‘trial by twitter’.

Crisis management is a critical function for any sized business, and as our ability to communicate becomes faster, so do our strategies for an effective crisis management plan.

Social media is where the public discourse is almost impossible to control, so it has become necessary to think about the platforms differently, not only as a tool for promotion and interaction, but as an effective outlet for crisis management.

Here’s some effective ways to prevent and control a communication crisis with social media outlets.

Before a Crisis:

Constant Communication is Key

Even when a crisis doesn’t exist, it is essential to build a trusted and reliable brand. If your brand already has an established relationship with its consumers via social media, then they are much more likely to receive and value your crisis messaging through these mediums. By participating in and helping to shape the conversations surrounding your brand before a crisis arises, you are putting yourself in a much better position than if you try to jump into the dialogue after the crisis has already occurred.

Recommended Platforms: Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Google+

Monitor the Chatter Around Your Brand

It is vital to know, in real time, what is being said about your brand. If a company twitter account is hacked, an employee is posting something unauthorized, personal accounts of employees are reflecting negatively on the company, or any other issue arises in the digital discussion surrounding your brand you need to know immediately or you will miss an opportunity to nip it in the bud before it may spiral out of control.

Recommended Platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit

During a Crisis:

Participate in the Social Media Conversation From the Start

Your company is being scrutinized. At this point, every move that your company makes will be watched with a magnifying glass. As your company gathers information about what exactly happened, it is important to acknowledge the issue and communicate to consumers that you are aware of the issue and are will keep them updated.

By taking leadership of the conversation, you are not only showing customers that you care, but also that you are taking action.

Maintain Consistent Communication

Companies must provide updates on the progress in resolving the issue. Consumers must be informed of what the company is doing to identify the cause and to remedy the situation. It is also absolutely critical to respond to questions or comments about the crisis to the extent that it is possible. This presents the company and brand as open and clear. It assures the consumers that the company cares and understands their concerns.

By establishing a social media relationship with consumers prior to a crisis, monitoring the online conversation surrounding their brand, and actively participating in discussion surrounding a crisis from start to finish a company can mitigate the risks they face from social media channels in a crisis management situation.

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Social Media SEO: A How-to Guide

Not having enough time is one of the biggest problems faced in using social media effectively. Not only do you need to post fresh content on a daily basis, social media is now playing an important role in SEO, as search engines are also looking at social signals as criteria for ranking a site.

For example, how well is your brand engaging your audience? This includes shares, likes, and re-posts of your content. Search engines like Google take into account if you are posting quality content that people are interacting with, including the frequency of shares and the authority of those sharing.

Even mentions of your brand will be important to an effective social media strategy. Mentions on social media tell search engines that you are an authority figure, your content is authentic, and you are engaging your audience effectively.

So how can you maximize your time on social networks to increase your visibility in search results? The truth is, you don’t have to spend hours a day on social networks to achieve this. You can establish a social presence and increase your brand’s engagement and mentions while doing it in less time than you thought possible.

In fact, we’ve put together some ideas for you to start doing social media SEO in less than 30 minutes a day.

Step 1 – Prepare.

Make sure your brand has established accounts on all relevant social networks. Don’t know which social networks fits your brand best? Check out our blog post on How to Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business. You can also track your time spent on social media with a timer app or try Chrome’s Task Timer, if you really want to stick to your plan.

Next, you need to connect your social media channels to one posting application, which is where Everypost comes in. Download the app for your iPhone or Android device, and connect all your networks in one place. This will save you a ton of time from having to login to each of your social networks individually.

Step 2 – Content Curation.

Spend 15 minutes a day reading the news about your industry to find articles to post on your social networks.

Step 3 – Posting.

Depending on what social networks work best for your business or organization, you can use the following guidelines to manage your time spent on the following networks. We recommend choosing 3 to 4 networks to fully benefit from social SEO.


Spend 10 minutes and try to post 1 update, engage with 1 of your friends or page fans, and add or follow 3 new friends/pages.


Spend 10 minutes and post 1 tweet, retweet 2 posts, and follow 5 new people or influencers in your industry.


This network is now one of the top ranking pages for brands in Google search results. It’s worth setting up your business page if haven’t yet already, and try spending 10-15 minutes per day adding 1 personal update, adding 10 people to your circles, and commenting on 2-3 posts.


Spend 10 minutes per day adding 5 new people to your circles, answering 1 question and engaging with 1 other person directly.


Spend 10 minutes repinning 4-5 posts and creating 1-2 of your own unique pins.


Spend 10 minutes and create 2 new posts to add to your queue, re-post 1 post and follow 2-3 new blogs.

At the end of your time, you will have connected with your followers, shared great content, grown your circles and followers, and made a presence in your key social networks. Of course there are many other things you can do to increase your social SEO and while it can seem overwhelming, the key is to focus on getting your plan started.

It may seem like less than an hour a day is not enough to move your social presence forward, however by setting a goal and sticking to it, you will see the value and power of social media and what it can do for your online presence and site optimization.

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