How To Cross Post on Company Pages with Everypost

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Everything is connected. Your audience is interacting with multiple social networks each day and it’s not only important to find a way to unify your message across these different networks, but it’s also becoming essential. Most social media posting tools only allow you to cross post the exact same message on multiple platforms. With Everypost, you can cross post your social media content to all your company pages at once, while keeping each post unique for each social network. So how does it work?

Here’s a step-by-step guide showing you just how easy it is to cross post on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn company pages at the same time using Everypost.


  1. First tap on settings and make sure you are logged in to each of the social networks that you run company pages on.

  2. After connecting your Facebook, Google+ and/or LinkedIn accounts to Everypost, select which company page you would like to post to under each network’s options.

    For example, under “channels” tap “Facebook”, then “Pages”, and there you can select the Facebook business page of your choice.



  1. Now return to the home screen and make sure your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn company page icons have been selected at the top of the screen.

    *Remember you can also cross post to your company’s Twitter at the same time! Just tap the Twitter icon.

  2. Now you are ready to write your post! Type as much text as you’d like on the home screen and attach any photos, videos or music to your post.

  3. After creating your base message, you can customize this post to fit each social network by swiping left or right across the screen. Add hashtags, @ mentions, or any additional text you’d like your audience on each specific network to see.

  4. Now you’re ready to publish or schedule your message. Simply slide the blue slider at the top right of the screen to the left to schedule your post for a later time, or to the right to post it immediately.

  5. That’s it! You’ve successfully posted a unique message to your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn Company Pages all at once, without sounding spammy to your audience who may be following you on all three networks.


  1. Go to “settings” on the top right hand corner.
  2. Under “channels” select which social network’s pages you’d like to post to: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.
  3. Click on the network and select the company page of your choice on the dropdown menu.
  4. Go back to the main screen and compose your post. (The company page icons are the last 3 icons on the top menu, hover over them to see which pages are connected).

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.33.30 PM


If you have additional questions on posting to company pages, please share with us in the comments. Happy posting!

10 Tips to Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn recently released a list of the best company pages in 2013. The list includes businesses and organizations that excel at engaging and inspiring their users. LinkedIn and its members chose companies such as Kellogg, Four Seasons, Dell, Mashable, and NPR, just to name a few, as leaders on the social network. Which leaves us with the question, what makes a truly excellent LinkedIn company page?

A great LinkedIn company page can allow you to build up your online following of professionals who are interested in what you have to offer. Here are some tips to help you create an exceptional company page or refresh your current one.


1. Let your Industry Expertise Shine

LinkedIn is the perfect channel to share new blog posts, product and service announcements, and company news and updates. Keep your page updated regularly so your following can view your company as a resource on the topic.


2. Focus on Engagement

All of your followers will be able to see your updates, so try to update your page often. Besides posting company updates and news, you can also ask your audience thoughtful questions to encourage conversations. When you do receive replies, be sure to respond and keep the conversation going. Embedding share buttons on your blog or site can also encourage your audience to share your content on LinkedIn.

3. Join Industry-Relevant Groups

Take some time each week to discover industry-relevant LinkedIn groups to lead users back to your page. This will help increase your visibility on the platform and give you the opportunity to contribute your content and thought leadership to other professionals as well as potential customers.

4. Gather Recommendations

Similar to Yelp or Google Places, customers can leave reviews of businesses on LinkedIn company profiles. Try politely asking your following for a product or service recommendation on your page by providing them with the link or asking them to search for your business on LinkedIn.


5. Claim your URL

LinkedIn pages are set up with a default numeric URL. You can customize your LinkedIn company page URL by going to your LinkedIn settings, clicking “Public Profile” and replacing the default URl with your company name.

6. Complete Products & Services Pages

The products and services pages on LinkedIn are prime real estate to list your current offerings as well as share articles and additional information. Each page can also include a link to your website, customer recommendations, and you can even list a company representative your customers can contact for additional information. Be sure to include a visual call to action and quality photos to make the most of this space.


7. Try Sponsored Updates for your best content

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates allows you to promote your posts to others outside of those already following your company page. You can target your campaign to reach audiences based on location, their job titles, school, skills, gender, age and more. For payment options you can choose between cost per click (CPC) or cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM). LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are very easy to create and manage and can be a great lead generation tool.


8. Post More Video Content

Video content is highly engaging and works well on LinkedIn. You can share videos featuring industry-related news or even use it as anchor content for your products and services featured.

9. Monitor Insights

LinkedIn Insights can help you continually improve your company page. The insights provided are detailed and offer a complete breakdown of important metrics such as impressions per post, user engagement, demographics of your followers, and more. By monitoring these insights you can ensure your efforts are working and better understand your audience and cater to their needs.


10. Cross-post Content to your Company Page

With Everypost you can post content to your LinkedIn company page as well as cross-post to your Facebook company page, Google+ page, or any other social networks that you choose. This will save you time when announcing company news and updates, new blog posts or any other information you want to share with your audience across all your social networks.

Have more tips for creating an exception LinkedIn company page? Share with us in the comments!

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Introducing Everypost for Company Pages: Post to your Google+, LinkedIn & Facebook Pages


Along with the new iOS 7 update of the Everypost app, we are excited to announce you can now publish content to Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook company pages on both iPhone / iPad and Android devices! Everypost is the first mobile app with the capability to post on all three social networks’ company pages simultaneously. Publishing content is now easier and faster than ever for business owners and organizations. With the ability to post to company pages from your mobile device, you can keep information flowing to your audience even when you are on the go. Here’s how easy it is to post on your company’s pages:

How to set up your pages with Everypost

Head to the “Settings” area on the app and choose Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn to add your company pages. We’ll show you how to set up your Facebook page for posting as an example.

Click on the “Facebook” channel then login to your personal Facebook account. Now you should see the option to “Select a page”. Simply click the page you would like to connect and you’re ready to start posting!

Your Facebook page will appear alongside your personal Facebook page in your list of connected channels at the top of the Everypost app. You can then select or unselect posting to your Facebook page as you wish.

Create a Post & Share It


 This is how the post will appear on your Facebook company or organization Page.


Now you can keep your company pages up to date and keep your partners and fans updated while you are on the go. Try Everypost now and connect your pages!

Download the Everypost app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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