Bolstering Consumer Engagement with Social Media


In today’s business environment, marketing officers have probably realized that social media comes with a lot of potential. Social media is one of the best ways of bolstering customer retention. From Instagram, Facebook to Twitter, organizations are being dissected and discussed more than any other time. Stories on various companies are also being shared, inverted, subverted and even taken out of proportion.

Before you can make the most of social media to harness consumer engagement, know that customers are the ones driving the brand or company messaging. Sales and consumer prospects are engaging with brands in all sorts of ways since the economy today is very interactive. It’s also important to note modern customers are highly empowered and expect companies and brands to get them the service or goods they want, the way they want them.

Social ears

It’s believed before buyers contact a salesperson they are about 70 percent through with the purchasing process. Ensuring these open gaps are filled to make the most of the process of sales is now critical for every marketer. Having your social ears or engaging in active listening socially is very critical.

Salespersons are also realizing how contextual information is significant and a very important driver; sales have been found to ignore leads given by marketing departments. Making lists and using social media allows every marketer to be able to monitor in an active way the social landscape as it stands for specific behaviors. Marketing departments within corporate training companies can offer visibility to salespeople through valuable pieces of information. If used proactively they’ll ensure all gaps within the sales process have been filled. Marketing automation software can help with this.

Market salespeople as well

Whether it’s on social media or offline, customers and potential buyers always like building relationships with real people than building ties with brands. Trust is very important and always a critical factor; if used well it can easily bolster consumer engagement on social media. One way this can be done is ensuring all the representatives of the company are elevated and marketed on social media. Positioning them on social media increases their engagement as employees and exposure and will in the long run generate wonderful opportunities and new leads.

Social triggers need to be identified

Social listening allows marketers to be very flexible at identifying triggers on the social media. Trigger events to be identified can be a Facebook post or Tweet to the effect that a competitor has adopted new e-learning methods and what that means for your efforts or an announcement on LinkedIn about changes in the management of a competitor’s organization or new customer case study posted on social media. Learning to explore social media to recognize, find and act on any possible social trigger easily helps the sales team to get ahead of the competitor and reach a prospect fast.

Listen to customers

Listening to customers is very effective as they will remain engaged and as such ensure your company remains their number one service or product provider. It also makes them loyal and they can even take the bar higher by remaining advocates of the company.

Social media means getting personal

As already mentioned people build relationship with real people easily and fast. It’s critical for a brand to maximize on customer engagement by nurturing prospects on social media as people rather than taking them as anonymous transactions without stories. For instance, studies indicate 58 percent of social media consumers posting on a negative customer experience will not get a reply from the brand they have a problem with. This could cost a company some revenue and damage its reputation.

No matter your industry, consider social media as a great way to bolster engagement with your consumers and customers.

How to Schedule, View and Edit Your Pending Posts

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Scheduling your social media content allows you to set aside time to plan and create your posts in advance so you can be sure you’re covered on those busy days you don’t have time to be posting on all your social media pages. Planning your social media posts in advance also allows you to make sure you’re creating and sharing a good mix of posts, whether it’s industry news, trending topics, or promotional content.

Here’s how you can use Everypost to save time and schedule your social media posts in advance.

  1. Choose which social channels and profiles you want to post to by tapping each social network icon at the top.


  1. Write your post in the compose box, and include any photos, videos, music, links or hashtags for your post.

  2. At the top right of the compose box, swipe to the left to schedule your post.


  1. Select the date and time you want to send your post.


  1. Then tap “Schedule” and you’re done!

  1. Now you will see a number at the top left of the compose screen displaying the number of posts you have scheduled in your queue.


  1. To view your scheduled posts, simply tap the number in the top left corner.

  2. Under “Your Account” tap “My Posts”.


  1. Review your scheduled posts, the date & time they will be published, as well as to which social networks your posts will be sent to.


Additional Scheduling Tips:

  • Edit each post’s schedule date and time by selecting the post, then selecting “Schedule”.



  • Delete scheduled posts by selecting the post and swiping to the left. Then select “Remove”.


  • View your successfully posted content, past scheduled posts, and deleted posts by tapping the icons along the top of the “My Posts” screen.


Save time and start scheduling your social media posts in advance and on-the-go with Everypost!

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Get Beta Access to Everypost’s New Scheduling Feature!


The ability to schedule posts has been one of the most requested features for Everypost, and we’re happy to announce it has finally arrived! We couldn’t be more excited to launch our new Scheduling feature and to make managing your posts on multiple social networks easier than ever.


The new scheduling feature will give content creators, professionals, businesses, and social media mavericks the ability to create content and schedule it to be automatically posted.

Choose the date and time, down to the minute, and schedule as much content as you wish all at once. With the ability to schedule posts, you can now spend more time engaging with your followers and less time managing the process.

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As always, thank you for being an Everypost fan! We’d love for you to try out the new version and let us know your feedback.

Social Media Scheduling and Publishing


The ability to schedule out posts in advance is a must for the savvy social media professional. This allows you to work on your posts at a time that is convenient for you, while still reaching your audience at the most effective times. It also enables you to make sure you’re creating and sharing a good mix of posts, whether it’s industry news, trending topics, or promotional content.

Everypost is one of the only social media publishing tools that allows you to schedule and publish to both personal profiles and company pages on iOS and Android devices as well as our website platform. Everypost is the easiest way to cross post your messages on all your other social networks at once, without posting the exact same message. Optimize your content by customizing what you share across multiple social platforms by adding hashtags, photos, videos, or mentions to tailor your post for each social network, then schedule or publish immediately.

The end result is a seamless user scheduling experience that provides more control over your social media posting than ever before.

Our supported networks include: Twitter, Facebook (personal & company pages), Google+ (personal & company pages), LinkedIn (personal & company pages), Pinterest, Tumblr, Email, and Dropbox.