How to Use GIFs to Enhance Your Visual Content Marketing Strategy


Last month, Twitter announced support for animated GIFs on the platform, both on its web version ( and on mobile (Android & iPhone). Twitter’s announcement added them to the ranks of Pinterest and Tumblr, both of which already allow for GIF files. But most importantly, it highlights an exciting new possibility for visual content marketing.

Visual content is an important part of any brand’s social media presence. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it can process text, so it’s no wonder that a picture is worth a thousand words — in fact, it’s worth 60 thousand! And a GIF does that even more so, by combining several pictures into one short video.

As Joe Puglisi, Senior Creative Strategist at Buzzfeed, says,

“GIFs are a mini-vehicle for storytelling, capturing emotions, and communicating them in a concise way that words and pictures alone cannot.”

When it comes to your marketing campaign, GIFs are an important weapon in your visual content armory that you should definitely be taking advantage of. The short-form, moving imagery characteristic of GIFs can communicate information in a uniquely clear and succinct manner. Additionally, they are fantastic for conveying concepts to a multilingual audience without requiring any translation whatsoever.

Though the rest of the internet tends to use GIFs for sharing entertaining looped videos and animations such as this one:


For marketers there is a large and often-untapped potential in using GIFs to bolster your brand online. This email newsletter from the popular retail company Anthropology is a great example of a GIF being employed in a more productive, but no less fun, way:


When using GIFs for marketing, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. GIFs should be used in moderation. Going GIF-happy and overdoing it will actually have the opposite effect of the one you desire, and can make your page feel overwhelming to visitors. In this case, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

2. Keep it useful. GIFs that function as how-tos, product demos, or instructional guides are a great way to convey a lot of information efficiently, and can be even better than blog articles or long-form social media posts. Check out this GIF that shows how to make an earbud holder out of two clothespins: (1)

In just a matter of seconds, the above GIF is able to convey a complete instructional how-to that would require at least a half-page of text if written out. What’s more, the GIF version is much more visually appealing, memorable, useful and therefore shareable.

3. Don’t forfeit quality. Just because you are using a GIF, it doesn’t mean your graphic design or images should be any less crisp, well-designed or beautiful. Using low-resolution or poor-quality GIFs can cheapen your brand’s image and undermine your company’s professionalism.

Now that you know the basics of marketing with GIFs, you’re ready to start making your own.

Here are our recommendations for the best tools to create your very own GIFs:

1. GIF Brewery: This Mac-only app can be found in the Mac App Store and will set you back $5, but if you plan to use GIFs fairly often in your marketing campaign, it’s definitely worth it. GIF Brewery allows you to take a video file from your computer and convert it into a GIF, with options to select which part of the video you want to include in your GIF, how large you want the image to be, shrink the file size by reducing the number of colors and frame count, to add text, and a number of other useful features for generating quality GIFs.

2. Recordit: This free software lets you take screencasts from your computer screen. It is perfect for generating instructional GIFs, and even lets you select which part of the screen you want to include in your GIF. It’s well-designed and easy-to-use.

3. Party Party: This iOS app was designed by the bloggers behind A Beautiful Mess, so it specifically caters to creating great visual content. You can easily make GIFs in the form of stop-motion videos from your phone and add a variety of filters, frames, and effects. Check out their description of what the app does for a full list of features. Creating GIFs is one of many great visual-related things it does, but even if you’re just going to make GIFs it’s definitely a worthwhile use of the 99 pennies the app will cost you.

So there you have it! You’re all set to start using GIFs in your businesses marketing campaign — from creating high-quality GIFs yourself to using them to the greatest effect, you can take your visuals to the next level with these eye-catching animations.



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How to Post Grooveshark Songs to Tumblr using Everypost


Do you like to share music on social media or post songs to your blog? People love discovering new music through social media channels. Sharing music is one of those tactics that doesn’t ‘feel’ like marketing to your audience and is much more likely to engage them right on the spot.

Online music streaming services like Grooveshark have made discovering music and sharing it easier than ever. One of the most popular social networks for posting and sharing music to is Tumblr. However, it can be tricky to share music content while you are on-the-go. With Everypost, you can post songs to your Tumblr blog and as many other social network pages that you’d like without having to leave the mobile app to search for the song links or log in to your Tumblr blog and social media pages individually.

Here is how to post Grooveshark songs to Tumblr using Everypost:

1. Download the Everypost app for your iOS or Android device.

2. Connect your Tumblr account to Everypost under “Settings” and select the blog you’d like to post songs to.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.54.46 AM

3. Now you are ready to search Grooveshark for a song. Tap the Grooveshark music icon on the main posting screen.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.59.34 AM

4. Type in the name of the song or artist you are listening to and add it to your post.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.01.25 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.01.37 AM

5. You will see “1 Song” has been added to your post. Now you can add text, hashtags or @ mentions and choose additional social networks to post your song to by tapping the icons at the top of the screen.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.03.49 AM

6. Post your song immediately, or schedule to post at a later time.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.04.55 AM

7. There you have it! Now you can easily share Grooveshark songs with your fans on your Tumblr blog and multiple social networks. You can also share YouTube music videos all from within the Everypost app.

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5 Time-Saving Tricks on the Everypost App


We’ve worked very hard to make Everypost the easiest, all-in-one solution for posting content to social networks. And one of the key components to this is providing valuable easy-to-use tools that are accessible within the app so you have everything you need to create awesome social media posts, all in one place. Whether you are new to Everypost or a devoted fan, here are a few timesaving tricks and features you may not know about that can help boost your productivity when creating your social media posts!

1. No 140-character limit

There’s no need to worry about limiting your content to 140 characters if you are using Everypost to cross-post on Twitter + other social networks. Everypost’s text-shortening feature shortens your message automatically, so you can stop counting characters and get on with more important things.

2. Built-in URL Shortener

Everypost shortens any URLS that you insert into your posts automatically. This saves you time and eliminates the need for an outside link shortener to the job. Our URL shortener is especially useful for the times when you need to create posts on-the-go in as few steps as possible.

3. Built-in Photo Filters

If you’d like to include images in your posts, you can snap a photo, choose a picture from your phone’s library, or browse images from Flickr, all from within the app. Then, you can apply one of Everypost’s 18 photo filters to give your images a boost of bold color or a retro look with a simple tap.

4. Check Trending Hashtags

You can easily check which hashtags are trending from within the Everypost app. Tap the “#” button and the latest trending topics will appear so you can add them into your posts. This saves you loads of time researching which are the most popular hashtags you should be using!

5. Swipe to Edit Posts

Everypost’s swipe feature allows you to write your post, then customize that post (by adding hashtags, Twitter handles, photos, videos, etc.) to fit each social network so you’re not cross-posting the same content to every platform. Creating multiple posts for multiple networks in one convenient place saves you an immense amount of time. Think about all you can accomplish when you don’t have to write out individual posts for each of your social networks!

What’s your favorite Everypost feature? Share it with us in the comments!

How to Digitally Market Your Brand on a Budget

This is a Guest Post by Camille McClane, a writer, researcher and editor, who frequently blogs about web hosting and social media. Her favorite subject to focus on is emerging technology trends and its overall effect within business expansion and relations.


Your brand is everything when it comes down to how people see your company. Even the color of your logo speaks more about your company than the words you use to describe it. So a small, hardly visible brand isn’t helping you and your customers find each other. But you already know this, and that’s why you’re here. While large scale marketing requires a larger budget, there are plenty of things you can do now to attract attention to your business.

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 1.04.36 PM

Image Courtesy of Hastag Ameeto at


One of your best and wallet-friendly marketing tools is social media. Always remember to view it as a community. Those who use it simply as a bulletin board are destined for small results. You want to engage with the community and take part in the conversation and hashtags are the easiest way in.

When a low budget horror movie came out in 2009, they had no marketing budget. They took to social media and filmed viewers reacting to the film, and it went viral. Before long, everyone had heard of Paranormal Activity and how it made millions.

For the uninitiated, hashtags are searchable keywords used within posts that are searchable, allowing users to search a hashtag and see everything related to that conversation. If you want to give your business some face time with the public, then try jumping into a topic people are already talking about. Just don’t hijack the conversation for your promotional needs, people can smell that and it will backfire.

Consider building your own campaign that encourages your followers to engage, therefore spreading your unique hashtag along with it. Be patient, it takes time to build up momentum from zero, but the key is persistence.

Be Visual

Images are the easiest way to keep eyes on your post. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words. If you put up an engaging image, people will see it and understand it without thinking about it. This makes it easier to share, which should be your main goal in building your brand. In 2012, Dunkin’ Donuts launched a campaign where customers would post pictures on social media of themselves drinking the new Coolatta beverage. It built their social media following, increased brand visibility and, of course, product awareness.

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 1.04.49 PM

Image Courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts

When crafting your social media posts, take care to properly format and size things to maximize their impact.

Not all of your brand building happens online either. If you have a physical store, no matter how small, you might consider using a visual inventory app such as the Shopify POS system. It allows customers to more easily visualize all that you have to offer without needing to familiarize themselves with your entire store.

Track Your Efforts

It’s one thing to be proactive in posting content regularly, but not all posts are equal. Some are strong and some are weak. The truth is that it can be hard to know exactly what people are responding to among all your online efforts. Fortunately, there are some great, free analytics apps out there that will help you track posts based on views, likes, shares and other variables.

Your success depends on your ability to adapt with the waves of change. If you only post at a time when no one sees it, then you should fix your timing. If you only post content that everyone sees, but nobody responds to, then you should fix your content. If post good content at the right time but have a small audience, you may want to update the SEO language of your posts to bring in more outsiders.

Ultimately, the important thing is putting your self where people are looking and providing a consistent image that they can associate with you. The more specific the message of your brand, the easier it is to remember. So get involved, be active in the community and replace what doesn’t work with something that does.

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The Short Life of a Tweet: How to Prolong It


Your tweets are getting buried. With 750 new tweets per second, the world’s most popular micro-blogging service is a battleground for retweets, favorites, and general exposure. The Twittersphere is competitive, but that shouldn’t stop you from participating. We’ve crafted a list of tips and tricks to keep you at the top of your Twitter game.

Plan your Tweets in Advance

Planning your tweets in advance will help you get organized and craft the image you want to portray to your followers. This can be easily done by writing them all out at the beginning of the week in a spreadsheet, or by using a program that lets you schedule your tweets out in advance (such as Everypost’s scheduling feature, which is currently in beta). When you can look at your week’s tweets in advance, you can see what kind of tweets you may be overdoing, or what you are lacking. Planning ahead will also take away the pressure of coming up with something clever or useful to say at the last minute.

Shareable Content

Focus on producing content that users will actually want to share. Posts that are interesting, elicit an emotion, or provide your followers with useful information are more likely to gain traction.

And speaking of shareable content…

Pictures and other Media

Tweets with pictures are 94% more likely to be retweeted. But that’s not the only reason you should include pictures in your tweets. Social media as a whole is trending toward more visual content. Twitter’s newest update is geared to being more visual, and photos show up directly in the newsfeed, so pictures and other media stand out and have a better chance at catching a second glance.


Don’t underestimate the power of the hashtag. You make your tweets searchable and you enable a direct connection with the other 600 million Twitterers in the Twittersphere. That being said, #don’t #overdo #your #hashtags #either. Keep them relevant and memorable (read: more likely to be reused). Follow and use trending hashtags in your field so you can take advantage of the collective momentum being created by others in your industry.

Pay attention to the basics

This last piece of advice might seem, well, a little basic. But things like spelling and grammar can’t be ignored. No matter how well-informed your Twitter presence is, frequent typos, grammar errors or misspellings will undermine your credibility. Proofreading your tweets before you send them out and using bitly links instead of full URLs will ensure you maintain a clean, professional profile.

Have another tip for optimizing your tweets? We’d love to hear it: let us know in the comment section below.

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How to Curate Amazing Video Content to Engage Your Social Audience

This is a guest post by Tristan Pelligrino, co-owner of 522 Productions, a video production company located near Washington D.C. You can find Tristan on Twitter @tpelligrino


Video is great for increasing engagement on social media networks. Videos are interactive and pack a lot of material in a short amount of time. However, video is also very expensive to produce, especially at scale. If you’re looking to make frequent updates to your social media accounts solely with your own video content, it can become quite an investment. But there’s no need to worry. You don’t have to create all of your own assets. Instead, you can curate video content to share with your social media audiences and provide helpful information.

Now, you might be asking, “How do I find relevant videos for my audience?” Great question – because there is a ton of bad video content out there. We’ve rounded up ten helpful sources, excluding YouTube of course, that are very useful for finding compelling video content online.


With a minimalist front page, Devour offers videos based on random, popular, and miscellaneous categories. Instead of providing long, wordy descriptions, the videos have single titles displayed over out of focus video images. The simple design keeps all of the focus on the video content and allows you to quickly find a video to meet your needs.


Once again maintaining a simple design, Telly aggregates videos by major hashtags such as shocking, breaking or cute. If you need to find videos that are different from the front page debuts, you can search for the hashtag and find all videos related to that particular trend.


Much like the name implies, Vidinterest is laid out like pinterest. Once you log in, it allows you to bookmark and “pin” your favorite videos, allowing for a simple and effective method of locating and saving all videos relevant to your topic.


Though not a direct online streaming source, WonderPL provides tools for viewing popular content without the ads and rollovers of other sites. Aside from the software provided, they have a collection of chosen content featured solely through their medium.

Denoted as the “video concierge,” 5by is a website and app that provides videos based on the category you decide. From the home screen, you choose from one of six categories. From there, you make another decision from six more categories, and a video immediately loads. Once at the player, you can watch or skip to the next one. Though not as friendly with specific categories, it brings with it an increased chance of finding content that’s not that popular…yet.


Pop culture can be a bit much at times, and this is where Ted Ed shines. Based on sharing knowledge without any fees, Ted Ed gathers brilliant minds from around the globe and has them speak on their preferred subject matter. Topics range from science to psychology. aggregates conference and event videos on all matter of subjects. Older videos are free to watch while the more recent are pay-per-view.


Pulling from a collection of videos from trusted sites, MeFeedia presents videos that can be searched by keyword or by channel. It also can be downloaded in app form, allowing for ease of use across all platforms. Unlike pop culture videos, MeFeedia provides full episodes of shows (as pulled from places like Hulu).

Short of the Week

This media website focuses solely on short films of the week. With countless genres to choose from and limited ad interference, this is an ideal location for finding story-based videos.

The Kid Should See This

Focusing on kid safe media, The Kid Should See This combines every sort of video (from cooking to space) that can entertain and inspire the child in all of us.

So, there you have it. A list of ten websites you can peruse to find interesting content. If there’s a site you don’t see on this list, please let us know. We’re always looking for interesting nooks on the web that aggregate awesome video content.

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Everypost Optimized for Intel® Atom™ for Android


We are excited to announce that Everypost has partnered with Intel to bring you an app optimized especially for the Intel Atom. As you know, Everypost allows users to manage all their social media platforms from one convenient, handheld place. It works with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr and even allows for sharing via email. Users can also customize posts to suit each platform.

Most significantly, this is the first version of Everypost designed specifically for tablets. A powerful tablet deserves a power social media management system. Everypost has stepped up to provide just that for Intel® Atom™ tablet users.

The Everypost team has been working closely with the Intel Developer Zone over the last few months to optimize the app to work specifically with the Intel® Atom™. This partnership will allow a new set of users to take full advantage of social media cross-posting through Everypost. There’s no better way to share across platforms, live blog on-the-go, track mentions on Twitter, and view trending social media topics. Intel® Atom™ users, welcome to Everypost.

Everypost is now available for download on Google Play.

How to Schedule Pins to Pinterest with Everypost


If you are a blogger, business, or social media marketer, you know that running a successful Pinterest campaign can take up a great amount of time. With Everypost’s new scheduling feature rolling out, we are set to make our social media publishing app one of the best free ways to schedule your pins to Pinterest. And not only are you able to schedule pins, but you are also able schedule your Pinterest content to post on multiple social networks simultaneously, saving you valuable time.

So how does it work?

1. After signing into Everypost, connect your Pinterest account if you haven’t already, and choose the board you would like to pin to.

photo 1

2. Now you’re ready to create your Pinterest post description, add any hashtags, links, and choose a photo from your phone’s camera, photo library, or Flickr.

photo 2

3. You can even apply one of Everypost’s 18 photo filters to your images before scheduling your pin.

photo 3

4. Tap the Pinterest icon at the top of the screen to schedule your post to Pinterest, as well as any other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr) that you wish.

photo 8(2)

5. Slide the bar to the left to schedule your post.

photo 7

6. Choose the date and time you would like to send your post.

photo 6

7. That’s it! It’s that easy to schedule pins to Pinterest from your mobile device anywhere you go. You will also see a counter in the top-left corner with your scheduled pins, which you can click on to view all your scheduled content.

Screen shot 2014-05-13 at 12.17.35 PM

photo 5

Please Note: The scheduling feature is currently in beta and limited to Everypost users with early beta access. We are working extremely hard to roll out this feature to everyone very soon, so stay tuned! Follow our blog and Twitter for all the latest updates and information about the new version of Everypost.

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Get Beta Access to Everypost’s New Scheduling Feature!


The ability to schedule posts has been one of the most requested features for Everypost, and we’re happy to announce it has finally arrived! We couldn’t be more excited to launch our new Scheduling feature and to make managing your posts on multiple social networks easier than ever.


The new scheduling feature will give content creators, professionals, businesses, and social media mavericks the ability to create content and schedule it to be automatically posted.

Choose the date and time, down to the minute, and schedule as much content as you wish all at once. With the ability to schedule posts, you can now spend more time engaging with your followers and less time managing the process.

If you’d like to be one of the first to try out the new Scheduling feature, simply COMPLETE THIS FORM and we’ll send you an email with beta access to the new version of Everypost with scheduling soon.

As always, thank you for being an Everypost fan! We’d love for you to try out the new version and let us know your feedback.

How to Use Everypost for Photo-Sharing on Pinterest and Tumblr


The high rate of photo-sharing on Pinterest and Tumblr deserves some attention, especially if your business has not considered either of the two social networks as part of your social media marketing strategy yet. Visual content is increasingly important as a medium for social exchange. Social networks like Pinterest and Tumblr have taken the lead as the largest platforms for visual content sharing, providing great value to online marketers. While engagement rates for text and link posts have been on the decline, images have taken over as the most engaging content to consumers right now, producing a 650% higher engagement rate than standard text posts (Adobe Social Intelligence Report).

Tumblr has placed on the back burner by many businesses for too long and with recent explosive growth, this blogging / social network has been proven to drive high-quality traffic back to retailers’ sites. In fact, Tumblr has almost caught up to Facebook, with average revenue per visit at $1.10 (Q4 2013), very close to Facebook’s $1.22.

Social inspiration site Pinterest is also one of the fastest-growing social media channels when it comes to consumers sharing content. The social network grew 58% in the last quarter of 2013 and is providing substantial proof that consumers prefer to click and point rather than read a lot of text.

So how can your brand capitalize on the popularity of Pinterest and Tumblr? One way to keep a fresh presence on these sites is by sharing photos, infographics, and other visual content on a regular basis. While it may seem time-consuming to be pinning and tumbling away everyday, social media publishing tools like the Everypost app have made it easier than ever to share content quickly, even when you are on-the-go.

Here is how to use Everypost for photo-sharing on Pinterest and Tumblr.

1. Connect your Pinterest and Tumblr accounts to Everypost under Settings. All of your login information will then be saved so you only have to complete this step once.


2. Choose which Pinterest board you would like to post to and which Tumblr blog you would like to post to. These can be changed at any time.



3. You can choose photo content to post from many different sources including: Snapping a photo from within the Everypost app (and instantly add photo filters), Choose a Photo from your Camera Roll, or even Choose a Photo from Flickr.


4. After you have added a photo, now you can create your posts. Write your post, then swipe the screen to the right and left to customize your post sending to Pinterest and your post sending to Tumblr with additional text or hashtags.


5. When you’re ready, tap “Post” and your photo will be automatically published on both Pinterest and Tumblr.


4. There you have it. In fewer than 5 minutes per day you can update both Pinterest and Tumblr with visually-appealing content and keep an active presence on two of the most popular photo-sharing social networks. Here’s how your posts will appear:


Posted on Pinterest


Posted on Tumblr

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