Social Media in 2016: Things You Should Do and Trends You Should Follow


Social media for many years has become a core marketing practice and continued to garner more importance in the overall strategy of companies for digital marketing and public relations.  Forming influencing social media habits is now considered as a key skill for marketers. Some practices are increasingly becoming toothless while few more influential practices are taking the scene. Here in this blog we would introduce some of these best practices and do’s and don’ts. 2015 has really been a happening year for social media with an array of breakthrough developments, technologies and trends. From the rise of live streaming to more focus on local information to increasing role of analytics, social media has been a hyperactive arena for some time. All these trends are only going to be more prominent in the coming year.  

Tactics for social media in 2016 

Try live streaming

Live streaming after getting a good start in 2015 with many brands using it to their advantage will continue to make a difference in 2016. Live streaming has many advantages, from showing behind the scenes elements of a brand or product to offering a humanely element by showing the face behind the brand, in more than one way live streaming can help companies garner more interest. Moreover, for non-profits live streaming can create more impact by showing the hard work behind a particular thing. 

Track your links with analytics tool 

Tracking the value of social media marketing has become important for everyone. Obviously, the volume of traffic for your website sourced from social media posts is a clear indicator of this. But still lot of brands just does not track their links or traffic garnered through them. In the time to come this flaw has to be mended. There is an array of helpful tools to do this. Tracking links with a tool like Google Analytics’ URL Builder can let you track how much traffic came from respective posts besides showing other metrics like bounce rate, duration of average session and page views per session. 

Optimize images and graphics 

Optimizing the image quality in posts will be important criterion from now on. Without proper specs images and graphs can just crate a filling of spam and as a brand one cannot risk making such an impression. As visuals are increasingly becoming important part of content strategy, offering optimum visual quality is crucial to draw attention. A study conducted at MIT says that our brain is capable to process images in less than 13 milliseconds, a speed faster than text. Naturally the domination of images in posts will continue and visual quality will be a determinant factor. 

Use special offers, deals and promotions 

For developing a large audience and to gain good number of customers and to track conversions from social media in the coming year, the power of promotions still seems invincible. Just by offering your social media fans with takeaways and special offers can be a great way to do all of these things in a convenient and popular way. By offering a mix of special offers along with your content can be a good way to make consumer happy and loyal.

Stop auto posting, be specific 

Many marketers simply auto paste their Facebook post in Twitter and feels contented that they served both platforms at one go. But that is not only an ineffective thing to do, but that kind of one-for-all approach can seriously have hurting consequences for the brand image. Obviously, all the easy sharing tools like Buffer, HootSuite, Sprout Social etc this becomes easy thing to do. But doing this you actually fail to address the difference in the audience of each channel. In 2016, to make a mark in each social platform your posts should be platform specific and original. 

Instead of advertising make communication with customers 

Social media is not a free advertising platform as many considers it. It is intended for human communication and still retains this quintessential value. Actually people prefer to communicate with individuals with human values and personal attributes rather than with advertising machines that continue blabbering out good words about a brand. So, even the commercially motivated contents should have a human voice and a personalized touch inside. Presently, social media reviews garner more sales for a product than outward advertising campaigns. In 2016, this human side of marketing will take more dominating role. 

Focus on influencer marketing 

We have already heard that various brands are partnering with influential social media personalities and bloggers to gain more audience and media views. It has already proved to be a good tactic and will continue to grow in the time to come. A recent study by Nielsen says that 92% of customers trust earned media over so called advertising. Moreover, for marketers blocking advertising content has become a big concern. Naturally, paid posts in that respect can play a bigger role as a point of influence.

Social media trends to follow in 2016

The Rise of Long Form Social Content

Social media has from its initial days always favored short messages instead of long article like posts. But with the decline of traditional SEO and search rank hopping audience and rise of social media as a richer fuller platform for all sorts of content, now big, knowledgeable value adding posts are garnering more interests and page views. The trend is likely to be a top trend in social posts of 2016. 

Social will be in wearable 

Wearable devices throughout 2015 have made headlines and market is continuing to expand in size and developer activities. Most active social users now know the ease of using smartwatch for being updated on social activities. In the next year these wearable devices will play an even bigger role in social conversation and posts. 

Social media will be Hyper-local 

The increasing role of mobile devices in accessing social has given rise to the rigorous focus of social media on user location and context. Localized marketing has created more effective and context oriented marketing for the brands and it also prevented drainage of resources to a great extent. Now thanks to localized marketing posts on social platforms this focus on user context and location is likely to grow bigger. Driving precision in assessing customer behavior and accordingly devising plans is the key to this rising focus on localized marketing which will continue to remain as an influential factor through 2016 and beyond. 

Author Bio

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing android watch app development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.