Social Analytics


Measure and make smarter decisions with social metrics

Our analytics feature allows you to be sure that your social media campaigns are effective. If you only post and don’t measure, then you may find that your customers are losing interest or stop following your company’s advancements. Measuring your social media campaign ensures that you know what works and when, so you capture your audience’s attention and keep it.

  • Everypost’s built-in analytics will help you measure the following items:
  • Your total fans and/or followers
  • Post frequency
  • Amount of each type of post (text, photo, video, link)
  • Most effective time for posting
  • Top posts (based on reach, engagement, likes, comments, RTs, favorites, etc.)
  • Competitor comparison (How your brand stacks up against top competition)

What's the estimated launch date for analytics?


I just update to the paid plan but don't see how to access analytics. Can you please help?


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