The Short Life of a Tweet: How to Prolong It


Your tweets are getting buried. With 750 new tweets per second, the world’s most popular micro-blogging service is a battleground for retweets, favorites, and general exposure. The Twittersphere is competitive, but that shouldn’t stop you from participating. We’ve crafted a list of tips and tricks to keep you at the top of your Twitter game.

Plan your Tweets in Advance

Planning your tweets in advance will help you get organized and craft the image you want to portray to your followers. This can be easily done by writing them all out at the beginning of the week in a spreadsheet, or by using a program that lets you schedule your tweets out in advance (such as Everypost’s scheduling feature, which is currently in beta). When you can look at your week’s tweets in advance, you can see what kind of tweets you may be overdoing, or what you are lacking. Planning ahead will also take away the pressure of coming up with something clever or useful to say at the last minute.

Shareable Content

Focus on producing content that users will actually want to share. Posts that are interesting, elicit an emotion, or provide your followers with useful information are more likely to gain traction.

And speaking of shareable content…

Pictures and other Media

Tweets with pictures are 94% more likely to be retweeted. But that’s not the only reason you should include pictures in your tweets. Social media as a whole is trending toward more visual content. Twitter’s newest update is geared to being more visual, and photos show up directly in the newsfeed, so pictures and other media stand out and have a better chance at catching a second glance.


Don’t underestimate the power of the hashtag. You make your tweets searchable and you enable a direct connection with the other 600 million Twitterers in the Twittersphere. That being said, #don’t #overdo #your #hashtags #either. Keep them relevant and memorable (read: more likely to be reused). Follow and use trending hashtags in your field so you can take advantage of the collective momentum being created by others in your industry.

Pay attention to the basics

This last piece of advice might seem, well, a little basic. But things like spelling and grammar can’t be ignored. No matter how well-informed your Twitter presence is, frequent typos, grammar errors or misspellings will undermine your credibility. Proofreading your tweets before you send them out and using bitly links instead of full URLs will ensure you maintain a clean, professional profile.

Have another tip for optimizing your tweets? We’d love to hear it: let us know in the comment section below.

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