How to Share Posts Through Dropbox and Email


Have family members, or dare we say friends, who are not connected through your favorite social media platform? We understand this can be a burden on you if you wish to share special moments with your loved ones and online communities as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Thankfully, we have just the tool to enable you to share your posts as far and wide as the internet can take you. Break down the social media posting boundaries and use Everypost to share your posts through Dropbox and email! Let’s get started:

1. Ensure that your Everpost account is linked with your Dropbox and Email account (Your email account will need to be linked through Facebook, Google + or Pinterest).

If you have different email accounts associated with different social networks, you can choose which email account your post recipients will be interacting with. To do this, go to “Settings” and find “Email,” the last option, under the “Channels” sections. Under “Available Email Accounts” you will be able to choose which email account you would like to send your posts from.

If you need extra assistance on linking accounts, please refer to the Everypost FAQ.

2. Select the Dropbox and email icon at the top of the post-composing screen. When you select the email icon, you will be prompted to enter recipients. You can allow Everypost access to your contacts and choose from your contact list, or you can enter recipients manually.


3. Write your post and attach a photo/video.


4. Slide the blue box at the top right-hand corner of the post-composing screen to the right to post right away or slide it to the left to schedule for later.

5. If you slide to the right, your post will be sent instantly!

6. Success! Your image or video will be uploaded to your Dropbox account. The entire post will also be shared via email.

The Everypost web version is coming soon! Sign up on our homepage for early access and a 20% discount towards upcoming subscription plans.

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