How to post on Google+ and Facebook at the same time

Google hasn’t necessarily made it easy to crosspost content from other social networks to Google+, but with the Everypost app you can easily post content on Google+, both personal and company pages, and as many other social networks as you wish. There are many other online tutorials out there explaining long and complicated ways to crosspost your content with Google+, but with Everypost, it is as simple as writing your content and clicking Post!

We’re going to show you an example of how to post on Google+ and Facebook at the same time. Remember you can also crosspost your content with Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, both personal and company pages.

Step 1: If you haven’t downloaded the Everypost app yet, now is the time! Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices on the App Store or the Android app on Google Play.

Step 2: Login to your social media accounts that you wish to publish content to (ex: Google+ and Facebook). Remember you only have to do this once!

If you are having troubles logging in with Google+, please try disabling 2-Step Verification on your Google+ account before logging in with Everypost. Follow these steps to disable 2-Step Verification ( You may also need to disable the unlock captcha feature. For additional information please see our FAQs Page.

how to post on facebook and google+ at the same time

Step 3:

Now that both your Google+ and Facebook pages are connected, these networks will appear highlighted at the top of the screen. Write your text, add links, hashtags, images, videos, or music, and click Post!

everypost app

 Step 4:

You will see a green check-mark next to the social networks verifying your post has been published.

everypost app

 Step 5:

This is how crossposting your content to both Google+ and Facebook will appear. Easy, right?

crossposting content on facebookGoogle+

crossposting content on facebook

Now it’s your turn to try cross-posting to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and more all with Everypost! Questions? Let us know in the comments!

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