New Content Marketing Research for Manufacturers: Are You Focused on What’s Working?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a necessity for any business to thrive in the digital era. To ensure that you tap the full potential of the marketing channel, you have to follow the latest proven trends that work. For instance, instead of only having sales as a goal, you can use it as a measure to determine the success of your content marketing for manufacturers.

The key marketing strategies that guarantee business growth have been in constant change. Technology development, search engines updates, and people’s preferences are some of the factors that determine how content marketing trends change over time.

Let us look at the most reliable forms of content marketing that work:

1. Video Marketing Still Takes Lead:

According to Hubspot, video marketing is currently a solid and growing way of communicating your business to your prospects. Due to the increased consumption of video content over the years, and its integration into social media platforms, you can be sure to reap if you employ the technique now.

The recent statistics show that 54% of consumers want to see more videos from the manufacturers as a way of promoting their businesses. In the same research, 46% of businesses were planning to add video to their Facebook while 44% was aiming at YouTube.

2. Content Marketing is not about Selling:

The term “content marketing” has a far better meaning than promoting your brand or product. People want engaging content that answers question they may have regarding various products, services, or trends in a more general manner. The traditional ads and sponsored posts are currently less effective.

When creating content for your industrial blog, focus on answering your readers the questions they may have in mind. One way of achieving this is using keyword research to find what information people are searching for online. For example, people who want to find a professional college paper writing service will be searching for information on services reviews, their prices, etc. You can also run surveys on your site to collect the information on the type of content your readers want.

3. Diversify Your Content Reach:

Social media is still a good source of traffic, but you cannot rely on it entirely. Owing to the fact that the third-party services change their rules outside your scope, you cannot be sure that you can reach the audience you are targeting. For instance, having 500 followers does not guarantee that they will all receive your updates whenever you publish.

The ideal way of content distribution is to make direct connections. You can showcase your products in social events and attending business summits. There you can meet new friends who might be interested in your brand and the products.

Membership sites and email marketing can also help you reach a wider audience when marketing for manufacturers. You have to ensure that you do the email correctly to prevent them from the filters or flagging.

4. Search Engine Marketing is Ideal Over Offline Publishing:

As a manufacturer, you may want to reach more people in your local city or country. Local TV channels and offline magazines have been a method of reaching people in the local market over time. However, these methods are not as effective nowadays as they used to be initially.

Despite 85% of manufacturers using offline paid marketing, only 34% of them found it as an effective marketing channel. 52% of marketers who use SEM for their businesses reported it as an effective method. The deduction here is that more people are using the internet to find new content than those who use offline methods.

As a manufacturer, you might be interested in focusing more on search engine marketing for your business. Instead of the offline advertising, you can use the Google local search to reach people who search for content and information in their cities and places around.

A Summary of the Content Marketing Research for Manufacturers:

We have seen the key marketing strategies you can use to boost the performance of your business. Without employing the right strategies, you may find yourself left behind, or literally thrown out of the stiff competition in the present digital era. You can now focus on what is working to ensure that your content marketing efforts bear fruit.