How Mobile Marketing can Boost Your Small Business? Consider These 7 Effective Tips

Mobile Marketing
The world of business to a great extent has been transported to the mobile platforms. Naturally, a small business ranging from the brick and mortar stores to a local delivery chain cannot shun away from the mobile platform. In spite of the tough turf of competition populated by high-value brands, mobile platforms comprising both powerful mobile web and app ecosystemoffers a level playing field. But to gain an optimum business advantage in terms of discoverability, engagement, and growth they need to drive perfection in several fronts. Sooner they frame a mobile strategy the better it is for their business. Let us introduce here 7 most effective tips for small business mobile marketing. 

1. Ensure rewarding user experience 

User experience is the most crucial element to delight your customers and gain their loyalty. Well, there are several aspects to a quality user experience and most of them are related to a customer-centric design. Here are some tips to consider. 

  • Make your mobile friendly website or native app simple with easy navigation and call to action buttons. 
  • Grab minimalistic design stripped of any visual clutter. Use white or negative space around the displayed products, contents and clickable buttons. 
  • Offer a visually pleasing design with proper color schemes drawn on user psychology and boost the design further with the appropriate typeface. Your design elements should not distract but draw attention to where you want users to look at. Instead of saying ‘look at me’ they should say ‘look at this’. 

2. Optimizing the loading speed

​Loading speed is still the biggest consideration among UX elements and so it deserves a special mention in our list of tips. Small businesses cannot help but give priority to page speed before all other elements simply because Google wants it. With a lacking speed, you lose SEO credential and risk getting drowned way down the search ranks. Let us offer some effective tips to optimize page loading speed. 

  • Optimize all the visual elements and compress them without losing their visual clarity.  
  • Make sure the code is clean, bug-free and flawless. 
  • Enhance loading speed by adding a cache plugin.

3. Promoting your mobile presence 

As a small business you still lack regular and sustained user engagement, right? This is why it is important to offer rewards to people for recognizing and using your app. Such rewarding with discount coupons for your products or any guaranteed gift with any purchase through the app can not only increase user footfall but also can enhance brand awareness and engagement in quick time. Once they hit upon such offers they may keep checking for the same every once in a while. 

  • Check-in offers or discounts offered through social media and your business website can be a nice way to gain customer attention and get their positive support. 
  • With the use of QR codes, you can allow users accessing specific content to get some promotional offer.  

4. A robust social media strategy

Social media as one of the robust avenues of marketing, promotion and business presence can open up immense engagement opportunities. You can let people browse your social media content on the social media quite often. Some social media sites fit mobile mindset perfectly. Pinterest and Instagram are two nice examples. Do you know Pinterest with 64% of referred traffic coming from smartphones is presently the most used social media network for mobile users? The Pin links on Pinterest literally work awesome to link mobile-friendly websites. Moreover, such pin links are quick loading and get digested fast.  

  • Relevant, visually stunning and engaging Pins linking highly useful mobile websites can be greatly effective. 
  • Social sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow advertising on mobile devices with a focus on mobile specific view and usability. 
  • For mobile specific social media advertising, geotargeting can be highly effective in enhancing the conversion rate.  
  • Besides proximity marketing, for overall engagement also target users in multiple areas and beyond business location. 

5. SMS campaign still holds key

Do you know SMS coupons enjoy a stunning 10 times higher redemption rates compared to their print variables? You can easily lose such coupons issued in the Sunday paper while losing them on your smartphone is literally impossible. Moreover, SMS marketing just because of hitting the personal device like a smartphone can actually address customers more personally. 

  • A whole array of services for SMS marketing is there like Sumo Text, Ez Texting, Trumpia, etc. 
  • These SMS marketing companies help setting up automatic message alerts allowing sending them to subscribers.
  • Besides easy subscription option, people can easily opt out from SMS subscription. 

6. Mobile email campaign 

A whopping 79% of respondents in a recent survey said that they prefer smartphone for reading emails. Surprisingly enough, the percentage is actually much higher than people who uses smartphones for making calls. Naturally, the email campaigns must be mobile-friendly in respect of layout and design. Consider these following tips. 

  • All the phone numbers and links provided within email body should be clickable and actionable. 
  • A CTA link within email should take the user to the respective page after clicking. Similarly, a phone number link after clicking should automatically make a call to that number. 
  • The email body should be short, crisp, clutter free and optimized for at-a-glance readability. 

7. Mobile-optimized checkout 

The mobile conversion rate is at least double compared to the same for the desktop. Naturally, businesses need to optimize each and every aspect of their site for a boosting the conversion. The checkout process needs to be simple and effortless on mobile devices. Here are some ways to do this. 

  • Do not make account sign-up compulsory for customers just for buying a product or service. Make it as optional and always provide a quicker “Guest” option. 
  • Allow social media signup to allow saving the entire effort where applicable. 
  • Do not offer a big form with a long list of fields that can actually add to their boredom. Keep it short and stick to only a few fields with quick drop-down options. 
  • Offer a variety of payment options to allow customers make their perfect choice.

Perfecting the mobile presence for your business requires a considering the ease of use from the user’s perspective. The above-mentioned tips can help you building a simple, easy to use and conversion friendly interface. 

Author Bio

Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing mobile game development and mobile app development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.