Instituting Microlearning Effectively in Your Company


Many companies, including Fortune 500, are starting to use microlearning as a new technique to train their employees. By implementing elearning with the help of an elearning company, it allows employees to train on new concepts with short and relevant training rather than going through a long gruesome training that includes material that may not be necessary. The employees that are going through the training are giving the thumbs up on microlearning due to the fact that the material is engaging. With the employees being onboard with this new concept, the overall results have been exceptional.


Quicker Results

Companies are onboard with microlearning because their employees are learning the concepts quickly. Not only is the benefit that the concept can be learned quickly but it also allows the concept be used immediately. Instead of employees going through a long, drawn out training they are learning the concept in a fraction of the time, which allows companies to see faster results and higher employee retention. With allowing the employees to quickly apply what they’ve learned, there is less chance that they will forget the material that they’ve learned.


Cost Savings

Microlearning is saving companies money. Not only are their employees learning more information in a shorter period of time but also they are retaining the information better. With better retention of the information there is less chance that employees need to be retrained. Additionally, since they’re able to use the information immediately, there is less time lost while the employees are going through training.


Flexible Training Options

Microlearning utilizes different avenues to provide training. It allows companies to provide training through the latest technology. With that said, instead of just allowing the employees to go through the traditional route of training, there is also different e-learning options available. Employees can stream the training anywhere giving them flexible options. The training can be streamed on their computers, their tablets and even their phones.


Microlearning does not limit what type of training you can provide. Companies are using the training for both initial training and also for their refresher courses. If there is a concept that has had enhancements, microlearning can be used. If there is information that needs to be refreshed or communicated down to employees on a regular basis, microlearning is also a great option.


Build Better Employees

One of the tops reasons employees complain about their current or past positions is lack of training. Microlearning will provide the company’s employee the confidence they need to excel in their current position. It can be used for initial training and refresher courses. The visual information helps the employees retain the information and makes it engaging so they want to learn the information. In turn, the company will have top-notch employees that are adequately trained, confident and have job satisfaction.

 Useful for Customers Too

Microlearning doesn’t have to be limited to just the employees and training. It can be used as a sales technique too. Customers are more likely to buy a product if they’ve seen a video on it rather than just reading about it or hearing about it. Using the new technology, a video can be created about a product that you are trying to sell to your customers. Again, with the flexible different streaming options your customers can see the information anywhere. You can even provide the information on social media for your customer’s viewing.

 All and all, consider implementing microlearning into your company to see better employee engagement and retention.