How to use Everypost’s Customization Feature


We hope you are steering clear of spam territory by re-working your social media posts to fit the theme of each social network.

With Everypost you can personalize your social media posts across all of platforms with our unique customization feature.

After you create your post, you can simply tailor your message to fit the tone of each social media network.

Here’s how it works on mobile:

Create your original post and including any photos, videos or audio. Then, swipe left to start customizing your post. You’ll see the logo of each social network appear at the top of the screen each time you swipe to customize. Everypost includes all the options associated with each social platform, such as adding trending hashtags for Twitter, Facebook check ins, and the ability to choose which Pinterest board to send your post.

Good news for our Android users, this feature is now available for your device! Try it now by downloading Everypost for iOS on the App Store, or Android devices on Google

Here’s how it works on the web:

Select your networks at the top, compose a post, and scroll down with your mouse to customize!


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