What GooglePlus Circles Should Businesses Have?

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GooglePlus circles are a nice way to organize users you want to interact with on the social platform. Since your company may have segmented news, it’s great to be able to send a post to different networks instead of spamming people who may not be interested. Setting up Google+ circles is different for businesses and personal accounts, since the posts and comments are from a company, not an individual person. When setting up circles for your company, you should be sure to include the following:

1. Users:

You can call this group “Customers,” “Clients,” or whatever makes the most sense for your brand. People that use your product should be in one circle so you can post product news and updates to them. Any time you have a product change, you can segment this circle so its members are aware of any changes or necessary steps they need to take.

2. “—- Influencers”:

This can be “social media influencers,” “startup influencers,” etc., but it should be narrowed down by what your company does. If your business deals with social media, then you want to follow influential people or companies in that field so you keep abreast of updates and news.

3. “—- News”:

Like #2, this category should be determined by whatever industry you’re in – i.e., “social media news” or another type of news that pertains to your company. This is a great way to check the latest news in the morning, since many GooglePlus users post before 11am. It will allow you to find out what is happening in your industry to see if that changes your approach for the day.

4. Friends of (Company Name):

This circle can consist of bloggers who have written about your company or any people that speak out about your company on social media (in a good way, of course). They are your company’s online friends, so you want to keep up with them and encourage them in their endeavors just as they have encouraged yours.

5. Team Members:

For larger companies, it’s nice to have a circle that is just for you and your internal company news. This circle can be used to send out company news, jokes, and to keep everyone on the same GooglePlus page.

Depending on your field, you can add other circles, but these will be a great way to narrow down who you want to speak to and interact with on GooglePlus each day.

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