How to Use Everypost for Photo-Sharing on Pinterest and Tumblr


The high rate of photo-sharing on Pinterest and Tumblr deserves some attention, especially if your business has not considered either of the two social networks as part of your social media marketing strategy yet. Visual content is increasingly important as a medium for social exchange. Social networks like Pinterest and Tumblr have taken the lead as the largest platforms for visual content sharing, providing great value to online marketers. While engagement rates for text and link posts have been on the decline, images have taken over as the most engaging content to consumers right now, producing a 650% higher engagement rate than standard text posts (Adobe Social Intelligence Report).

Tumblr has placed on the back burner by many businesses for too long and with recent explosive growth, this blogging / social network has been proven to drive high-quality traffic back to retailers’ sites. In fact, Tumblr has almost caught up to Facebook, with average revenue per visit at $1.10 (Q4 2013), very close to Facebook’s $1.22.

Social inspiration site Pinterest is also one of the fastest-growing social media channels when it comes to consumers sharing content. The social network grew 58% in the last quarter of 2013 and is providing substantial proof that consumers prefer to click and point rather than read a lot of text.

So how can your brand capitalize on the popularity of Pinterest and Tumblr? One way to keep a fresh presence on these sites is by sharing photos, infographics, and other visual content on a regular basis. While it may seem time-consuming to be pinning and tumbling away everyday, social media publishing tools like the Everypost app have made it easier than ever to share content quickly, even when you are on-the-go.

Here is how to use Everypost for photo-sharing on Pinterest and Tumblr.

1. Connect your Pinterest and Tumblr accounts to Everypost under Settings. All of your login information will then be saved so you only have to complete this step once.


2. Choose which Pinterest board you would like to post to and which Tumblr blog you would like to post to. These can be changed at any time.



3. You can choose photo content to post from many different sources including: Snapping a photo from within the Everypost app (and instantly add photo filters), Choose a Photo from your Camera Roll, or even Choose a Photo from Flickr.


4. After you have added a photo, now you can create your posts. Write your post, then swipe the screen to the right and left to customize your post sending to Pinterest and your post sending to Tumblr with additional text or hashtags.


5. When you’re ready, tap “Post” and your photo will be automatically published on both Pinterest and Tumblr.


4. There you have it. In fewer than 5 minutes per day you can update both Pinterest and Tumblr with visually-appealing content and keep an active presence on two of the most popular photo-sharing social networks. Here’s how your posts will appear:


Posted on Pinterest


Posted on Tumblr

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