Quick Guide to Everypost Photo Filters


With Everypost you have many ways to post photos to both your personal and company social media pages. You can snap photos right from within the app, upload photos from your phone’s library, and even choose photos from Flickr, all without having to leave the application. And the fun doesn’t stop there! After you choose a photo to post you can also apply one of 18 Everypost photo filters to give your image a boost of bold color, an aged effect, appear softer, and many more.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Everypost’s photo filters:

1. Select a Photo: Add a photo to your post by choosing one of the three photo options: “Camera”, “Camera Roll”, or “Flickr”.

2. Choose a Photo Filter: After you snap a photo or select an existing photo, the option to choose a photo filter will automatically appear. Everypost has 18 unique filter options to choose from, including: Black & White, Amareto, Greys, Sepia, Stronger, Burning, 70s, Oldies, Martini, Vignette, Vintage, Jazz, Joyeaux, Blues, Heat, Every, Sunny, and Blow.

 3. Apply Photo Filter: After you choose your favorite filter, simply tap “Apply” to apply the effect to the photo.

4. Create your Post: Now that you have your photo ready, select which of your social networks you would like to send your post. At the top of the screen you can tap to select or deselect the social networks of your choice. Then write your base post, which can be edited to fit each social network in the next step.

5. Edit your Post for each Social Network: If you don’t want to blast the exact same post to all your social networks, you can write a base post then flick the screen right-and-left to edit your post per social network. For example, if you are posting your photo to Twitter perhaps you want to include a few more hashtags. For your post to Facebook, you can remove the hashtags and instead share a link to view your complete photo album.

6. Post! When your post looks good, tap “Post” and your lovely photo with customized text will be posted on all your chosen social networks at the same time. Easy as that!

 Want more tips on taking photos with your mobile device? Check out our previous blog post “Tips for Taking Better Photos with your Phone”.

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