How to Effectively Steal your Competitors’ Content Ideas

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If you are looking to post unique content online, then you are most likely to find yourself in trouble. Today, it is extremely hard to think of something new, and the fact is that even though the idea seems new and revolutionary to you now, it might be that someone else has already thought of it before.

However, you should not look at people who post the same content as you as your rivals only. Look at their work for inspiration too. It is not about stealing from them, it is about finding sources, using everything that is at your disposal to help you work your way up. It is all public, and free to use as. And what are some of the things that you can take, ‘recycle’, and them make better?

Competitors’ Strategies

Really important thing to do when you encounter your competitors is to get to know them. Get to know them really well, because in order to be better, you need to know both their strengths and weaknesses. Track their work: see how often they are blogging, what type of content they are posting, are they active on social networks, what are their followers saying and how does that all work for them. See what goes well and try incorporating it to your strategy. However, you should also see what they are doing wrong, correct it and do it better yourself.

The Title

The first thing you see when you look at the content is, of course, the title. Make sure you create a hook, because if the title is not interesting, nobody will bother to read the content below it. In this hectic information-packed world you need an original headline that will give enough information to your readers to get them interested in the topic. However, never give out too much, so that they would keep wandering and want to click to read more about it. You will notice that there are some look-alike titles, and that is because there are certain formulas for creating them that work. So look at other headlines, look for patterns and apply them when creating your own.


Coming up with an original topic can be quite difficult. If you start searching the web you will notice that no matter what you think of, somebody else has probably written about it already. In that case, go through a thorough research and try getting even deeper into the subject someone has already wrote about. However, if you stuck and find it hard to develop your own content hacks and cheats, you can find a reliable partner in OMG SEO company from Sydney to help you not only get started, but inspired for all of your future projects too.


The Content

To create a popular content, first you need to familiarize yourself with the pyramid structure that proved to be extremely successful over the years. The idea is that the most important information should be put first, and after it you can add supporting details. Also, it is important to carefully think about the type of content that you want to write about. Look at your competitors, see whether they are writing interviews, White Paper, Checklists, Case studies or Infographics, and what goes well for them. Since you two attract the same audience, you are most likely to attract people to the same type of content.

Tools Used

Since this is the era of social networks, it is highly likely that your competitors have their own personal accounts where they post their content. You can go about it in traditional way, follow them and check the updates regularly, but there are tools that can make this job much simpler.

Facebook Pages to Watch is an interesting and handy tool that helps you keep an eye on your competition and even some other pages that get a lot of social action. You will be able to see that page’s top weekly posts, update schedule and even audience rankings.

HowSociable is a tool that helps you both do social media monitoring and competitive analysis. If you enter your or your competitor’s brand name in it, you will get a report of the magnitude of all connected social accounts. It is a great way to see your status in comparison to theirs on other social networks like LinkedIn, YouTube or Google+.

So you see, it is not about stealing content or strategies, it is about learning and adapting it to your work. The more you learn the better you will be, so keep track of your competitors. Learn from their success, but also learn from their failures.

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