Effective Ways To Create A Good Brand Image On Social Media


The Social Media has come to stay. And smart Entrepreneurs have been tapping from this unique gold mine. With millions of users these platforms, there’s a large market to cater to, and creating a good brand image on social media, is the beginning to a world of unlimited possibilities. 

Brand building, as you may have observed, is a very important activity successful businesses set on their priority list. The social media, when properly leveraged, can generate sales leads and give your brand the desired credibility.

Here are six ways to create a good brand image on Social Media.

In a competitive market, businesses are constantly stepping up their games in order to be in the lead. While healthy competition is good for business, it becomes a rewarding venture when you in front of the race – and social media is a great platform to give your brand an edge.

1. Choose the right platform

The internet presents different social media platforms with different unique features. Granted, each of these features are great, but when you take a closer look, you’ll realize that some are more useful to your brand, and can communicate your brand messages  more effectively than others.

For example, Facebook has proven to be a very good platform for creating brand awareness, Instagram is suitable for lifestyle products with its image feature, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professionals and Twitter is awesome for engagement. Ask yourself, “Which of these is most suitable for my brand?”

2. Give Valuable Contents

When you make it a point of duty to provide valuable and shareable contents, your brand naturally comes across as impactful. It’s important that as you seek to create useful contents, you don’t deviate but stick to your brand’s core values.

One way to create valuable content is to keep a watch eye on your competitors – observe what has been working for others, and try to be more creative and make your own unique content.

It’s helpful to incorporate humor into your contents – this is very effective as it has been working on major social media platforms. Try it out, just be creative.

3. Participate in groups 

With numerous numbers of groups targeted towards specific goals, this is a gold mine for you to create a lasting great brand image. 

You can join groups in your brand niche, and make valuable contributions. This will give you exposure to a specific audience in need of your services, and when properly handled, you can grab their attention and win their loyalty in the long run.

4. Use Powerful Bio And Profile

As a matter of fact, this one technique should come next after choosing the suitable social media platform for your brand. 

After creating an account, take your time to create your bio and profile. Use logo and image that best represent your brand. Also, incorporate your business and its objects in your profile – this will help you stand out to your potential clients and customers when they come across your profile for the first time.

5. Continuous Engagement

It’s a good practice to always engage in your chosen social media platform as this will give you consistent visibility and awareness. A brand not heard or seen is as good as dead regardless of the wonderful things such a brand may be doing. 

The rule is, don’t be quiet for too long. Regular update of valuable contents will make you look good. To get the most of engagements on social media, speak with a consistent tone that your audience can identify and relate with. 

Don’t forget, make sure you are making them have fun in all these activities.

6. Leverage on existing influencers

A faster and sure way for creating good brand image on social media is by leveraging on the influence or following of Influencers in your brand’s niche. To do this, you must make sure that these influencers complement your brand value.

A good strategy to get the attention of these influencers is to mention or tag them in relevant contents you share with your audience. If the content is very good and useful, they are mostly likely to throw in a word or two as it’ll also be beneficial to their brand.

Although, this might take time for it to work, by building solid relationship with influencers, you can make this work. Consider the long-term benefits.

Unlike the tradition media, the social media works best with spontaneity and creativity – there isn’t a one size fits all technique. You have to be on your toes and go with the flow. To create a good brand image on social media, study your audience and understand what appeals to them the most. It’s like a mind game, when your brand makes members of your audience happy, it’s only natural for it to look good in their eyes. 

By Line

Chris Odogwu is a PR Expert and Prolific Freelance Writer. He is the founder of OD Public Relations – A PR Company that specializes in managing and projecting brands, with a distinctive voice and image, in a competitive market, for growth and relevance. He is available to work with results-oriented individuals and organizations who are keen on taking their businesses to the next level.