How to develop strategies of contents


To achieve good results in the choice of content, you need to implement different tactics.

1- Prioritize: When thinking about content, it is best to always have a kind of log in which can be used to write down any ideas that occur to you. The aim is to compare the ideas and start planning out which ones you can see becoming reality in the future. It is essential to brainstorm. The same strategy will help you create a stronger content.

2- Scheduling/Planning When we speak of planning, this term refers to three fundamental steps. • What am I going to create – (the final selection of contents) • When do I start to create • When will I share my idea (estimate an ideal day)

3- Multiplying content The ideal thing to do is to always reproduce our original content in different communication pieces for better results through various resources such as: Landing information page. Explanatory video Graphic pieces Post on blog Email Marketing Campaign

4 – Strategic Distribution When launching a campaign it is not appropriate to burn all cartridges on the first day but actually the contrary of that. There must be a strategic distribution across all channels