Business Productivity Tools for Small and Medium Enterprise


There is hardly any surprise in the fact that most small businesses focus on productivity to ensure competitive advantage. Maintaining higher productivity requires maintaining best business practices as well. Many of the outdated and most futile business practices are mainly rooted in the old mindset and comfort zone that used to be the mainstay in enterprises of the older time. Thanks to an array of useful and most sophisticated tools now businesses can easily boost their productivity and deal with the older mindset more effectively than ever before. 

Here we are going to introduce top 10 business productivity tools for small and medium enterprises.

1. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a small business accounting software that in recent times gained widespread attention. Small businesses invariably need simple and easy accounting software. While there are quite a few to fit in this requirement cloud-based FreshBook offers more ease than any others. Thanks to cloud support you can work with the solution from anywhere irrespective of the device you use. Small businesses that experience growth and the consequent need of better and richer control will find FreshBooks more useful than any other tools. It is one of the most user-friendly and simple accounting tools out there. 

2. Zoho Projects

Zoho is constantly making the lives of the professionals easier through an array of easy to use tools. If your team members frequently need to ask about project details, Zoho Project just can save you from the trouble. With this, you can keep all your project details just in one place. From assigning tasks to sharing projects and tracking the progress, all you can just do through the same interface. Additionally, you can take the advantage of Zoho CRM spending just a little.

3. Asana 

Do you want to know about task management tool that can boost productivity quickly? Well, we can suggest Asana which has been embraced by countless small and medium enterprises thanks to its effectiveness and simplicity. Most important of all this is also an absolutely free tool. To make things easier every time it also offers a very easy to navigate dashboard. By using this dashboard you can easily create tasks, assign them and monitor the progress of your projects. In more ways than one, it makes project management and monitoring easier and easily boosts productivity. 

Asana offers several layers of control including the ability to see for whom certain tasks are assigned. The tool also comes equipped with email alerts to give alerts before deadlines. The platform also went through recent updates making it easier to navigate. You can utilize it for express business purpose or any professional purpose at the personal level as well. 

4. Evernote

Evernote ever since the release it continued to rise in popularity and now it is one of the most widely used note taking apps used by small and medium businesses and people alike. Evernote is basically a note taking the app that offers absolute ease of writing as with Microsoft Word. It also incorporates a few elements of Google Docs. Evernote has cloud support allowing you to use anywhere and from any device. Evernote also allows you to save images and allow quick online access through an extension. You can quickly take a note, create extensive documents and access them from any device on the go. It is no wonder that there are many professionals who just cannot think about documents without Evernote. 

 5. Everypost

Social media posting is a big matter of concern for small businesses. Most of the small firms just struggle to come up with the proper schedule of posting and while timing and regularity matter a lot in the social arena, you cannot help but go for a posting tool that takes care of your posting in a regular and systematic manner. Everypost comes with a lot of features. Besides scheduling your post it also allows customizing each and every post for better effectiveness. You can access from any device and anywhere and can facilitate collaboration among the team members. It also offers a robust social analytics tool to get to the depth of numbers, and metrics. 

6. DropBox

The success of Dropbox as a file sharing app has been phenomenal. Instead of sending documents through several email attachments you can save them in the dropbox and can allow others access to them. You can access the files from anywhere and from any device. DropBox offers integration with Microsoft, Hotmail and Office 365. Anyone using Office Online can edit the docs collaboratively among them using Dropbox. Small businesses are bound to find Dropbox useful for file sharing as it would save them from the trouble and pain of sharing multiple files through email attachments. It offers the most convenient and speediest way to share files. The free storage space is enough to share regular business docs and files and is pretty inexhaustible. You only need to pay for extra storage space once you finish the free space. For most small businesses the free available space with a Dropbox account is enough for regular file sharing. 

7. Thrive Day Planner

While productivity is a constant concern for the majority of entrepreneurs, it is important to optimize make use of time round the clock. Well, Thrive Day Planner just helps you to optimize your output for 24 hours in a day. From planning a business strategy to setting business objectives to intricacies of organizational management, Thrive Day Planner just works great as a traditional organizer. Moreover, this immensely helpful tool offers unperturbed access from a whole number of devices including the computer, tablet, and phone. To add to the spice, the tool offers regularly inspirational quotes from renowned business leaders.

To Conclude,

It can be very likely that you have heard of some of these tools, but just didn’t give them serious thought. Now if you take productivity seriously and want to take positive steps to boost the same, many of these tools can be invaluable for you. The best part is a majority of them are just free or free to try or just available at a negligible cost. For small businesses, they offer a lot of advantages against a no big cost.

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