How to build the online presence for a small business?


At a time when for almost everything we search online for solutions and services any business cannot undermine the value of having an online presence. A whole lot of survey and study reports conclude that the customers now search products get influenced and prefer solutions based more on the reviews, recommendations discussion and promotions over the web and digital platforms. According to a recent study report by BIA/Kelsey, 97 percent of customers search or verify online before making a purchase. Most of them either contact their search through web search engines or social media. Many of them also do research by comparing the products on price comparison sites. 

So the bottom line is you need to make an online presence for your business if you do not have already one. In case you have an online presence you need to make it bigger and more reachable to your target audience across the online channels. Let us offer here some time-tested tips to help you make a significant online presence for your business. 

1. Competition research

Let us begin with the basic and primary consideration about the importance of making your business present over the web. We are on your online presence just because most of your competitors are already on the web and they are ripping the advantages of making it big over the web.  So to make your online presence win over your competition you need to know what they are doing over the web. From the product campaigns to the social media pages of the web content they are publishing on their website you need to take close account of everything they are doing. You can start it by evaluating the website pages of your competitors and then can evaluate their social media engagement and contents posted on various social media platforms. 

When evaluating the competitors, you need to start with the contents they publish on their website and other content platforms including the sites for guest blogging. Take a close look at the contents published by them in the social media and the kind of user engagement they’re getting. After knowing their content strategy, you can only try to offer something better with your published contents across the channels. Secondly, you need to evaluate the kind of user experience the competitor websites are offering and try to figure out how you can make the user experience better.  

2. Search engine optimization

You cannot make your contents discoverable by the audience without being referred by the search engines. As per the report of various studies close to 90% of the audience find out a product or make detailed research only through search engines. This is why it is vital for businesses to boost their web content for search engine ranks. Let us offer here a few important tips in this respect. 

•    Make sure that your website loads faster. Optimize content and design elements for faster loading time. 

•    Ensure optimum ease of use through easy and clean navigation. 

•    Deliver unique and helpful contents that can easily engage the user. 

•    Quinn targeting keywords never overdo and always maintain the number of keywords to a minimum. 

•    Use rich snippets and keyword optimized Meta description to make your content easily discoverable by the search engines. 

•    Make your website friendly for mobile viewing. 

•    Lastly, you need to ensure a quality link profile throughout your website. 

3. Participate in discussion

Making an online presence for your business does not just involve informing about your brand and products. You need to create a human voice that can connect to the audience directly and make a convincing presence over the time. This requires participating in frequent discussions over the social media, chat rooms, industry specific forums, etc. Publishing relevant and exciting contents and blog posts across the web and social media is an effective way to create a loyal audience. 

4. Online marketing campaign

Online marketing unlike the outdoor ads and traditional media advertising is not about just pushing your products by describing its advantages. It is more about creating continuous engagement with your user audience and pushing them for spreading the word about your product or services. Online marketing campaigns offer a more inclusive approach in contrast to the outdated and less engaging advertising and promotions of the past. Unlike the first generation, online marketing campaigns these days personalization in contents is increasingly becoming a winning factor. Instead of running some advertising video you can do a lot of things online. Let us suggest you some online marketing tips. 

•    Offer small product video on your website concerning the usability and benefits. Make the video short, crisp and entertaining through and through. 

•    Publish video content on your product and brand frequently on the social media video marketing channels like YouTube and your website. 

•    Offer a mix of Visual contents including high-quality images, product video, infographics, GIF, animation, and graphics art. 

•    Do email marketing a lot and try to make your emails more attractive with personalized elements for a different audience. 

•    For certain rigorous and short time campaigns, you can do mobile message campaigning. 

•    Encourage your existing customer to review your products online. Push them to engage with your brand as frequently as possible. 

5. Make your analytics and metrics deliver critical insights 

With the competition among businesses for online presence and the brand-war getting intensified it is the crucial analytics and relevant insights about your business which is going to make you win over the competition. With the website analytics and metrics, you can always know your audience behavior and can take proactive measures to make your online presence getting more traction. 

To conclude you must remember that making an impressive online presence for your business is not limited to just a few tricks and measures. Making a robust online presence for your business involves too many things and how in a concerted way you can make use of them to make your brand message and product offerings audible to the audience will be critical to your success. 

Author Bio

Juned Ghanchi is the co-founder and CMO of Indian App Developers, a mobile application development company which provides high quality and cost-effective mobile games and business apps solutions. He has been involved with internet marketing since 2006.