6 Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Visibility with Everypost

Blogging is one of the best ways to share the knowledge you have in your industry and increase brand awareness. Before beginning a personal or company blog, you should consider what the goals of your blog are and how you plan to spread the word about your posts once you begin writing.

Even if you already have an established blog, it is always beneficial to increase your blog’s presence in the online space.

6 Ways to Boost Your Blog's Visibility with Everypost

Search engine visibility is one of the main ways to attract readers to your blog. However, Google continues to implement algorithm changes that make it increasingly difficult to use shortcuts such as short-term link-building to gain visibility. Search engine visibility is now more dependent on human signals such as social media presence, readership, recommendations/likes, and social interactions to determine how content is ranked in the Google result pages.

With fewer shortcuts to increasing your blog’s visibility, Everypost can help you raise awareness about your blog in the online space and attract more readers and interactions with your content with powerful posting features.

Here are 6 ways to increase your blog’s visibility with Everypost.

Get on Google+

In a recent study by Moz on the correlation between Google +1s and the highest rankings research, they found a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. So what does this Google +1 correlation have to do with your blog?

To put it simply, if you don’t have a Google+ account yet to share your blog’s content, you should get an account set up now. This should be one of the first things to do if you want to increase your blog’s visibility in search results. Create a page, start building a following, link your blog in the “About” section, and mostly important – share your blog posts publicly on your Google+ page.

You can use Everypost to simultaneously push your content onto Google+ (both personal and business pages). Everypost is one of the only social media apps that allows you to post content on multiple networks including both personal and business Google+ accounts so you can effortlessly start building out your Google+ pages and increasing social traffic to your blog.

Add Trending Hashtags

When posting anything about your blog on social media, set a realistic goal of using 2-3 hashtags per post. By taking advantage of trending hashtags that are pertinent to your content, you can also gain additional followers and generate additional interest in your posts.

After writing out your post in Everypost, you can tap the “#” button and view which hashtags are trending at the moment. This allows you to easily add any hashtags that are relevant to your content, without having to research what’s trending or visit the Twitter homepage and reach larger audiences.

Optimize Your Content for each Social Network

Traditional social media posting applications like Buffer App and Hootsuite only allow you to send the same message across your social networks. This means you run the risk of boring your followers who follow you on multiple social networks by sharing the same exact post about your blog across all platforms.

Rather than announce your latest blog post in the same format everywhere, you can customize your post to fit each social network before posting with Everypost. You can type out a post, then with a simply swipe left and right, add relevant hashtags, Twitter handles, photos, videos, etc. to fit each of your social networks. With Everypost’s post-by-post control you can better capture your followers attention so they are more likely to click your posts and read your blog.

Schedule & Reshare Past Posts

When you start blogging on a regular basis, you suddenly realize you’ve managed to amass 50, 100, even 200 posts. These posts took a lot of effort and contain a lot of valuable information, so why not reshare them? Resharing your past blog posts allows you to receive the highest return for your hard work and get your content out to larger audiences or those who may have missed it the first time.

The trick to resharing your past posts is repurposing your previous messages so the content looks fresh and appealing. With the release of Everypost 2.5, you can schedule posts featuring your past content to push out on your social media pages as often as you wish. The best part is, you can customize these posts to fit each social network. Consider resharing evergreen content, or your content that is not tied to a specific date or time. If you reshare content that isn’t “news”, you have a better chance of gaining continuous traffic and links back to your blog and in return, better search engine rankings.

Ask Your Audience

Asking your audience about the type of content they’d like to see is a great way to improve the type of blog posts you are producing and make it more appealing to your followers. You can ask your followers on social media for blog post ideas using Everypost by scheduling questions or asking questions while you’re on-the-go. Sometimes the best ideas and brainstorming happens when we are in commute or waiting in line, and with Everypost you can share your blog topic ideas with your audience, pose questions, and receive immediate feedback so you can decide whether or not to move forward with an idea.

Asking questions or performing polls, and then acting on those answers will allow you to gain the maximum return on your blog-writing efforts and put out content your audience is actually interested in.

Everypost for Tumblr

On a final note, you can also use Everypost for your Tumblr blogging efforts. Everypost allows cross-posting your Tumblr blog posts with all of your other social media pages, which gives your Tumblr blog maximum visibility in search results. You can write your Tumblr blog posts on-the-go, schedule blog posts, and even choose which of your multiple Tumblr blogs you’d like to post your content to.

Do you use Everypost for your blogging efforts? How has it helped increase your blog’s visibility? Share with us in the comments!

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