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7 distractions in your office (and how to deal with them)

An average office space is usually filled with all kinds of distractions. Whether its slack chats and notifications from snapchat or noisy co-workers and clutter, an average worker has to deal with an abundance of constant distractions. The truth is that your productivity depends on the work environment at your office and when you are …Read More

How to build the online presence for a small business?

At a time when for almost everything we search online for solutions and services any business cannot undermine the value of having an online presence. A whole lot of survey and study reports conclude that the customers now search products get influenced and prefer solutions based more on the reviews, recommendations discussion and promotions over …Read More

Business Productivity Tools for Small and Medium Enterprise

There is hardly any surprise in the fact that most small businesses focus on productivity to ensure competitive advantage. Maintaining higher productivity requires maintaining best business practices as well. Many of the outdated and most futile business practices are mainly rooted in the old mindset and comfort zone that used to be the mainstay in …Read More

10 Effective Productivity Tips Every Business will Find Helpful

Productivity is only ensured by meticulous and intelligent planning and consistent focus.  Often just because of lack in these respects one lacks productivity at workplace. While there is always scope for improvement, at least the completion of tasks should save a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Workplace productivity is irrevocably related …Read More

Why Social Media Will Become More Automated

For brands, a presence on social media is a no-brainer. Especially now that SEO is impacted by a social media presence, companies are jumping on the bandwagon and making sure to hire savvy social media managers to handle their online presence. For individuals this trend is no different. The idea that we all must brand …Read More

How to Configure Your Startup’s Marketing Team

Marketing, public relations, and social media are all crucial tools for any new startup. Though the distinctions among the three are quite nuanced, learning how to utilize each effectively is crucial to building the buzz necessary for any startup. But first, it’s important to understand the differences before assessing who does what. Marketing is the process …Read More