• Meet the Everypost Team

    Want to know more about the team behind the best social networking app?  Then read on to meet the faces of Everypost, the guys that make social media posting so easy. First up, let’s meet the Co-Founder and CEO, Fernando Cuscuela.  Fernando has a background in social media, IT, and engineering, making him sort of …Read More

  • Everypost Selected for the Momentum Accelerator Program

    We are excited to announce that we have been accepted into a promising new mobile accelerator program called Momentum! We will be participating in the 12 week program from September 23rd to December 6th in Silicon Valley, California with a select few startups with the goal of fostering relationships with fortune 500 companies through workshops, …Read More

  • 10 Ways Everypost Saves You Time

    Managing and finding the time to update all your different social media networks can be extremely overwhelming. It can be time-consuming to update each social network individually, especially since each network has it’s own posting standards for what type of content works best. If you need to save time and energy updating all your social …Read More

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  • How to Effectively Steal your Competitors’ Content Ideas

    If you are looking to post unique content online, then you are most likely to find yourself in trouble. Today, it is extremely hard to think of something new, and the fact is that even though the idea seems new and revolutionary to you now, it might be that someone else has already thought of …Read More

  • Instituting Microlearning Effectively in Your Company

    Many companies, including Fortune 500, are starting to use microlearning as a new technique to train their employees. By implementing elearning with the help of an elearning company, it allows employees to train on new concepts with short and relevant training rather than going through a long gruesome training that includes material that may not …Read More

  • Guest Bloggers Wanted!

    At Everypost, we’re excited to announce that we will be accepting submissions for guest blog posts. We’re looking for great content such as articles or infographics that we can share with our users and followers every month. Our current goal is to publish at least two guest posts per month on topics consistent with our …Read More

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  • 6 Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Visibility with Everypost

    Blogging is one of the best ways to share the knowledge you have in your industry and increase brand awareness. Before beginning a personal or company blog, you should consider what the goals of your blog are and how you plan to spread the word about your posts once you begin writing. Even if you …Read More

  • Everypost launched a new web version

    At Everypost​, we are constantly adding new tools in order to offer our users a unique experience. A few weeks ago, we launched the new version that allows posting to multiple accounts at the same time, creating social networking groups and team collaboration, among other things. Discover some of the new features Everypost ​has implemented …Read More

  • How to set your Facebook Pages in our new version

    1-      Click on “Channels”   2-      Click “New Channel” and associate your Facebook account 3-      Once you have your account, click on and SWITCH ON at the Fan Page that you want to enable

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  • Why Good Office Design Is Vital For Small Businesses

    Small businesses owners have a lot to think about. If the significant challenge of running a successful company isn’t enough, businesses have to stay on top of their digital presence, ensure staff are supported, and continue to find opportunities for growth – all while keeping everything running smoothly. With so many plates to spin, it’s …Read More

  • How Small Businesses Can Retain Top Talent

    In a small business, good staff are an immeasurably valuable asset. Having a team of quick-thinking, enthusiastic and talented individuals can be the difference between a successful business and one that struggles to get by. Staff also represent the lion’s share of day-to-day running costs, and if a member of staff happens to leave, it …Read More

  • 5 Ways to Use Your Blog for Digital Marketing

    According to Wikipedia, Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.  That means pretty much anything we buy or want to sell uses digital marketing as the way to do it. If you’re a blogger, …Read More

  • Corporate Wellbeing Tips To Boost Productivity in Small Businesses

    Maintaining consistently high levels of productivity is a challenge for any business. As larger corporations pour more time and resources into boosting staff productivity, one particular concept that has gained popularity is corporate wellbeing. It’s now clear that long hours and excessive stress can impact productivity, and organisations have been looking for ways to make …Read More

  • 6 Marketing Trends of 2016 that can Change the Fate of Small Business

    Marketing is evolving continually and for small businesses digital maneuvers are opening new and newer opportunities. Digital marketing in a space of few years went through widespread changes incorporating new breakthroughs in connecting customers. As 2016 is just around the corner, we are already in an expectant mood to see businesses grasp the new opportunity …Read More

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  • How To Manage An Ugly Social Media Crisis In 2018

    A social media crisis is one thing every brand needs to be prepared for. Of course, no brand wants to end up in such a crisis but disaster can strike at any moment. You have to be prepared for any eventuality that might fall your way. An inappropriate tweet or a wrong account login can …Read More

  • 4 Effective Ways Small Businesses Can Do Marketing

    It’s not just a general truth when we say ‘dangers do’t come alone’, it’s an experienced reality for many small businesses and ventures struggling with a palpable budget and manpower. For them, the challenge of meeting the competition seems huge with too many challenges and obstacles blocking their way to success. But winning these challenges …Read More

  • Most Effective Social Media Marketing Practices You Should Know

    Almost everything now has a social media presence. People turn to social media for any suggestion, question, query and solution. Already social media reviews garner more business conversion than other channels. Naturally, companies need to focus more on perfecting their practices, posts and branding strategy on social platforms. Let us help you in this regard …Read More

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