7 Winning Social Media Tips for 2016

Winning Social Media Tips

Social media now takes the central place in many companies’ marketing strategy and for almost all it is the integral component of their marketing endeavors. It is no longer just an optional activity and now for building brand awareness, reputation and for connecting customers and stakeholders it plays an important role. Social media also plays an effective role for content distribution and lead generation. Affordability and simplicity beginning a campaign are two aspects that made social media marketing so popular. 

As per a recent study social media is the primary choice for socializing for 40% of people as compared to face to face interactions. Naturally, all companies understand the power of social media marketing. While you can use social media advantageously to grow your business, generate traffic for your website, generate leads and create a brand, there are few rules of the game for an improved chance of success. 2016 is already in the doorstep and it is time to take a fresh look at the steps that can be taken and actions that can be endeavored for garnering success in social platforms. 

Let us offer below 7 winning social media tips for 2016.


1. Specific planning for each social platform 

Just by jumping blindly into social media marketing will amount to wastage of resources and underperformance of your social media endeavors. So, first of all you need articulate plan for your entire social media actions. It begins with knowing which social media site offers the presence of your target audience. Prioritize your social presence as per the presence and activities of your audience. Once you have known the social platforms that demands priority, it is time to set respective strategy for each platform like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so forth. As a beginner keep the number of social platforms for your presence a maximum of three. Often by trying to tackle multiple platforms small businesses fail to create an impact in any of them. 

LinkedIn is considered powerful for reaching potential employees or business contacts. Twitter with short messages is great for customer service updates and making news alerts. Facebook is good for reaching wider audience from diverse demographic characters.  YouTube and Instagram on the other hand offer rich engagements. Lastly there are plenty of useful social media monitoring tools to have an idea where the relevant conversations are going on for the brand or the business to take part. 

2. Have a humanely voice and persona

Unlike other channels social media is more personal and demands a humanely connection. People distaste automated, mechanical or typically scripted responses. So creating a human voice and a persona around your business presence is important. 

The tone of voice you would talk with should carry a personal feel rather than a gross, business machinery like feel. Creating a distinct personality that has some tastes, traits and approaches in response is more valued in social communication than having a tone that only shows the manipulative business interest.

3. Include brand in the Hashtag

Hashtags make quick news and get viral quickly creating waves of responses. They play crucial role in your social media strategy as they allow easy searching of grouped and classified messages. So, take advantage of creating Hashtags and load them with business specific keywords and brand names wherever applicable

Make hashtags short, crisp and sweet as they have more chances of making an impact. Secondly, the hashtag should easily communicate your brand in relation to what is being talked about. Avoid using already used hashtags and stay clear of using offensive and abusive words in hashtags. Lastly, always have a consistent approach with your hashtags to create an impression. Hashtags should incorporate your focus on a particular thing that is being talked about and that has something to do with your business and brand. 

4. Following key times to reach your audience 

Businesses often miss the potential timing for addressing their audience on social media. Obviously, all your audience do not have the same schedule and human lifestyle and habits vary to a great extent. But, we can easily find gross structure and coherent similarity of certain habits among larger audience. Most elderly people do not indulge in late night browsing, so to say. Thus with demographic data and common habits of each group of people you can assess their level of activities and attentiveness in a gross way. If you can address the schedule and timing of your audience in majority of cases, your social pots re likely to enjoy more views and responsiveness. 

5. Use a scheduler tool to keep in touch 

Small businesses and startups hooked up with too much workload and several administrative issues as well as decision making maneuvers often find it challenging to keep track their social media actions, responses and required things to do. To address this using a scheduler tool for social media is recommended. If you are out of touch for days you can lose all the good impacts created erstwhile. That is a considerable risk factor if you do not have a dedicated social media team.  

A social media scheduling tool allows composing and scheduling messages that can be relayed throughout a single day. Moreover, with this tool you can schedule announcements, events and create milestones.  You are never out of touch with your social presence with a scheduler with you. 

6. Give priority to quality of content and followers

It is great to have thousands and millions of followers on your social page. But it is more depressing if that army of followers just do not make any contribution to your business. Yes, business conversion or lead generation or getting traffic from social media is more important than just achieving numbers. But how can you connect potential users who can offer more chances of lead generation and business conversion? You can only give priority to quality of followers through timely posting of relevant, useful contents that address their concerns. So, quality of followers is directly related with quality of contents you post on your social page. 

7. Strategic positioning of ‘Share’ Button 

Simply advantageous placing of social media ‘Share’ buttons accompanying your web content increases your chances of being shared by the social media users. Besides placing them in the most alluring places giving them prominence with appropriate contrast, button size and other design elements also play an important role in enhancing your chances. Lastly, never ever place too many buttons together as this creates visual clutter and actually kills the possibility of getting clicked by the users. ‘Share’ placed intelligently and given a optimized presence can serve as great tool to increase sharing chances for the content.

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