7 distractions in your office (and how to deal with them)

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An average office space is usually filled with all kinds of distractions. Whether its slack chats and notifications from snapchat or noisy co-workers and clutter, an average worker has to deal with an abundance of constant distractions. The truth is that your productivity depends on the work environment at your office and when you are surrounded by distractions, it is quite difficult to stay focused and complete your daily tasks. To help you focus more on your work, here is our guide to recognizing and dealing with these productivity killers.

1. Social Network

Everyone has an account on at least one type of social media nowadays. From Instagram to Facebook and Pinterest, there are dozens of popular pages and apps that are distracting. The problem is that although many people use the Internet at the office for work purposes, they also tend to spend a lot of time surfing on social media and this distracts them from working. Luckily, there are a couple of solutions to this problem. You can try and resist the urge to check your social media accounts or maybe invest in website blockers at the office. 

2. Noise

There are many things that can divert your concentration from working at the office and noise is one of them. Whether it’s noise from outdoor activities or noise coming from the office machines and telephone conversations, it’s quite easy to get distracted while working. If you are a person who gets easily distracted from noise, we suggest closing the doors and windows or wearing headphones. 

3. Smartphones

Although smartphones enable people to be connected more than ever before, they can also be very distracting. When you get a phone call or receive a text message from someone, you immediately feel the need to reply. Am I right? This is why smartphones are one of the major distractions at the office these days. To avoid this problem, consider silencing notifications at times when you need to be extremely concentrated on your work. 

4. Clutter

Clutter can cause distractions in a workspace. This is why it is important to clean up your working space as much as possible. You should only keep items that are needed for work and remove unnecessary things from your desk. In case you have important documents but don’t have enough space to store them, you can always find a storage space for rent on sharing community sites.  

5. Gossip

It can be really difficult not to listen to the latest gossip at the office, especially when the topics sound interesting. Unfortunately, gossip is a big distraction and can influence your work productivity. Instead of listening to these stories during work hours, arrange drinks with your colleagues after work or leave the gossip for lunch hours. 

6. Hunger

Many people tend to skip breakfast and try to make it without food until lunch hours. This is not a good idea since it is not that easy to focus on your work assignments with an empty stomach. Consider storing some healthy snacks at your work desk, so you can have a snack whenever you feel hungry. Having a good nutritious breakfast in the morning also helps. 

7. Coffee Breaks

Everyone loves coffee breaks. They are good for building connections with your co-workers and for having some down time away from busy work schedules. However, going on long and frequent coffee breaks can have an influence on your work duties. Maybe the best solution is to go on short 10-minute coffee breaks two to three times during work hours. 

What Have We Learned?

Distractions at the office can definitely have a negative effect on your work performance. However, as you can see, there are many ways to stay away from all the things that make us less productive, but still, have a good time at the office and remain productive.

Autor Bio: Emma Lewis is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a part of the team supporting Spacer – a company helping you find storage space in Melbourne whenever you need it. Emma is also a staunch supporter of the sharing economy and often mentions its benefits.