6 Marketing Trends Small Businesses should be Following in 2017


At times, small businesses do not have enough resources or guidance on what things they should be doing in order to attract potential customers. But every new business or any other business has to compete with the others to survive in the market. For that, they need to make a few changes or rather improvements in how to approach their customers. We have listed a few marketing trends that you should be following in 2017.

1. Live Videos
The use of live videos in marketing your brand or your product will change the way your customers will look at your product and your company. According to some statistical data, Snapchat Live Stories generate more than 10 million views per day, while Facebook Live Videos generate more than 5 billion video views daily. For any kind of small business, live video can prove to be a revolution in their marketing campaign. You can record and upload live videos about a range of your products, broadcast your events, or just simply get in touch with your target audience.

2. Social Media
Collecting social media data is a key factor in determining how many customers you are attracting, or whether you are attracting any customers at all. Facebook has been the most effective marketing channel for a lot of businesses. With the growing number of social media apps and a large number of people following them, one has to be active there and keep up with the trends and what their customers expect from them. If this is not done effectively and on a continuous basis, you are sure to lose some really good number of customers.

Apart from Facebook, we have a lot of other social media applications at our disposal like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, which can help a business get in touch with their target customers and know their likes and dislikes. Small businesses should use social media to get in touch with their prospective customers because the data from these apps help the business in optimizing interactions and getting a boost in sales.

3. Influencer Marketing
Word-of-mouth publicity is as important as any other aspect of marketing for a business. Getting social media influencers to work within your industry you can reach an audience that is looking for the product or service you are providing. Look for individuals that have strong relationships with people in your community and create a network with their help. But also keep in mind that the number of followers doesn’t always guarantee to attract more customers, sometimes having just a small number of followers but having strong relations with them can prove to be far more successful.

4. Email Marketing
A lot of companies are still using Email Marketing as a way to market their product and brand because it is proved to be the best return on investment. Some say Email Marketing is dead, but it is still on and very much affordable and convenient for small businesses. To run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to keep this point in mind: always provide relevant and valuable information to your target customers. A lot of companies lose their valuable customers because they don’t focus on this point. An email marketing campaign engages your customers, offers valuable information, strengthens customer relationships, builds trust, and gives you successful sales.

5. Mobile-Centric Marketing
With the increase in the number of mobile users, companies need to be more than just mobile friendly. The marketing strategy has to be more mobile-centric if your target audience is the people who make maximum use of smartphones. Before anything, check whether your website is responsive. Having a responsive website will take you a long way. If not, you are sure to lose a lot of customers in the near future. Also, your rank on Google will fall down and you will be fined for providing a poor visitor experience.

The idea of making mobile payments is being accepted by a lot of people now because of the ease and convenience it has to offer. Making mobile payments work for your company will remove a potential barrier to doing business with your customers. The ‘buy buttons’ on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc have rarely been noticed and used, maybe because a lot of people aren’t aware of it. The use of these ‘buy buttons’ could prove to be really good for your business. If your brand doesn’t have its own mobile app, you must get one now because mobile apps will increase customers engagement, will provide you with customers data and include features like push notifications, mobile coupons etc.

6. Writing
The practice or the art of writing still holds equal importance in the world where pictures and videos do the talking. Just because you are reaching out to your audience through attractive videos and pictures, doesn’t mean you can rule out the aspect of writing. Updating blogs regularly, following a particular format with good grammar and syntax is unavoidable. Poor writing harms the trust that the customers have in your brand. You can start this by doing workshops on a regular basis and create a team of good technical writers or just guiding your team members to be better digital writers. Also, hiring technical writers is also a good option. In the end, it’s only going to help you.

Author Bio
Darshan Patel is a lead Search Engine Analyst at Nimblechapps, a fast-growing mobile app development company and android app development company. He believes in using a variety of strategy to create business’s online presence that delight and deliver.