6 Marketing Trends of 2016 that can Change the Fate of Small Business

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Marketing is evolving continually and for small businesses digital maneuvers are opening new and newer opportunities. Digital marketing in a space of few years went through widespread changes incorporating new breakthroughs in connecting customers. As 2016 is just around the corner, we are already in an expectant mood to see businesses grasp the new opportunity and challenges in an advantageous way. Though how and to what extent new technologies and trends are going to make an impression on the overall business scenario remained unknown, at least we can predict some already ripening trends that can change the fate of small business for better.

1. Be up to date with your content 

Can anyone anymore demand his web content as evergreen? Yes at a time when the web, world of technologies and business dynamics are rapidly changing, eyeing for a permanent appeal to web content seems impractical. So, rather focusing on exclusive content that is liable to expire or get replaced after a certain time will be more important. Many fast evolving social media and content platforms became hugely successful thanks to this approach. Let us offer below some quick takeaways of this approach. 

  • The attention of various segment and groups of customers are too much split among multiple platforms. The content strategy should address this diverse and platform specific approach. 
  • Make your content updated every here and then to address evolving interests and user concerns. 
  • Really time pressed contents that lasts for moments before getting updated or replaced enjoy more attention than contents that look stable for days. 
  • Staying ahead of the trends in content is key outpace competition.

2. Using latest location based technology to your advantage 

Typical hit and miss strategy to connect customers no longer makes any difference to your competitive standing. Unless you have a real time connection with your customers, you do not know how to address them. Latest location based technology actually helps you to fulfill this gap. Reaching a customer now you have an array of predisposed options to know their respective location and that alone makes a big difference in accurate targeting of your marketing maneuvers. 

  • Location based marketing technologies create interactive experiences for customers. 
  • Latest location technologies like iBeacon are helping businesses connect customers at different engagement points. 
  • Location technologies are relatively small and inexpensive in character making an ideal marketing solution for small businesses. 
  • Any business around their store, point of sale departures and other sales points can detect customer movement and accordingly can send push notification with some offers or business information. 
  • Latest range of location technologies can help businesses to monitor customer movement within stores and accordingly address them. 
  • It helps travel and hospitality businesses address customers with valuable information upon their arrival in a place. 

Think mobile, think wearable 

Web is on the mobile now leaving desktops far behind and wearable devices with their increasing potential are looming large to offer another alternative to mobile web. So, for presenting your business to digital customers or just to make any web campaign you are bount to think mobile and think wearable. Here are some quick takeaways. 

  • Web users spending time on mobile browsing amounts to 51% in comparison to their desktop counterparts which stands at just 42% now. 
  • As per the latest data, 75% of Americans possess at least one smartphone and at least one third of them own more than two. 
  • 38% Facebook users access it from mobile only.
  • An increasing number of people are showing interest in wearable like Apple and Android Smartwatches and smart glasses for quick message or getting quick answers to any query. 

4. More focus on iterative change 

While the focus on continuous development, optimization and time pressed refinement is the key to stay relevant, in 2016 we will see this focus to grow even more. Iterative change is the new key to innovation for many aspiring websites and customer friendly digital maneuvers. Here below are some important takeaways. 

  • Massive leaps in analytics technology and increasing focus on consumer insights will allow business bring refinement continuously. 
  • Making experiences of customers better over time with evolving technology and deeper understanding of customer will garner more perfection and successes for marketers. 
  • This continuous ad time pressed approach will drive perfection in online performance, designing experience and lastly in embedding digital technologies in the business process guaranteeing more efficiency. 

5. Relationship marketing

Adoption to smartphones continued to increase with 2 billion globally people are going to possess a smartphone by 2016. Naturally, this offers a huge opportunity for brands to stay connected with customers on a continuous basis. With this backdrop in mind now the importance of relationship marketing is felt more than ever. Relationship marketing offers an array of benefits for the businesses including stronger loyalty, long term customer retention and creation of opportunities for more individual sales. Developing strong emotional bonds with the brands is the key important attribute of this new facet of marketing. Here are some key points. 

  • Through engaging customer relationships and communication, businesses can create brand loyalists. 
  • Personalized communication is the key to success in relationship marketing. Contents that are analytics driven and more useful for the marketers is the crucial ice breaker in the communication with customers. 
  • Relationship marketing advocates to replace generalized mass targeted marketing approaches as the later fail to create any lasting impression or any emotional bond with customers. 

6. New way of driving SEO

Search ranks from major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have lost their uncontested importance as social media reviews and posts are playing more important role in influencing buying decision and customer mindset. In 2016 so called SEO will lose more grounds to other avenues of search. It is particularly true for products that garner more sales online. Here are the quick takeaways. 

  • Search will be more integrated with methods of integrated payment, social media posts, search engine results and quick sharing options. 
  • Easer buying process and quick customer reviews of products will help integrated search grow bigger than search engines. 

Lastly, besides all the prominent marketing trends mentioned above the importance of continuous testing and experimenting will continue to grow. As leading innovation is still the criteria for growth, new experiments will continue to happen. 

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Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps. He is a Mobile App Developer in India, with acute knowledge of Android Watch App Design and Web Design. His vision is to become the best mobile development company.


Many small business owners have yet adapted to mobile internet usage, the behaviours of people searching from mobiles and how they can best provide solutions to prospective customers online. Those small business owners denying the fact mobile searching is the future are going to lose out big time!!