5 Ways Social Networks Increase Business Productivity


Our social networking app seeks to improve productivity in the workplace.  We offer our clients a fast and easy way to post on number of social media networks, saving time and creating a more efficient way of posting.

Interestingly enough, we found that many businesses still resist using social networks.  This definitely comes to us as a surprise, so we decided to lay out the top 5 ways that social networks can actually improve business productivity in the workplace, rather than decrease it.

1. Provide fast information.

Not only can you find answers to questions on Google, but better, more personalized answers are sprouting up on networks such as Quora and LinkedIn.  Typically when Googling a question, these sites come up in the top spots with answers from real people.  It’s much better to get an answer from an industry expert than an un-authored expert.

2. Crowdsourcing is easier.

There are numerous paid crowdsourcing sites, but businesses can also use social networks for crowdsourcing…for free!  Simply posting on Facebook or Twitter, businesses can get ideas for campaigns and contributions easily and quickly.  Finding solutions to problems is incredibly easy and fast now as many social networks function as crowdsourcing sites.

3. Find genuine referrals.

If your company is hiring, you probably receive mounds of applications.  In the old days, if you get a referral, you have to find that person from a mountain of resumes.  Now finding great people to join your team is easy because of social networks.

By posting on social media not only can you find more genuine people, but you can get referrals from past employees to easily weed out the perfect person for your team quickly and easily.

4. Feedback is prompt.

Beta testing a new feature of your business is easy with social networks, as users give feedback almost immediately.  Users post good and bad comments, which can help you tweak your product, improving it and making it more user-friendly.  Without social networks, finding genuine feedback is a lot more difficult and time-consuming.

5. Rewarding Customers on the Spot.

Customers love rewards, and businesses that gives rewards gain loyal customers.  Using social networks to reward your users is much faster than traditional methods.  If you want to do a 24 hour contest, you can post it on Facebook, get interaction, and award the prize immediately.  Not having to wait incentivizes customers to participate and follow your brand.

And, of course, the biggest increase of productivity comes when you do all of these things on our social network manager, Everypost, where you can accomplish all of these tasks even faster!

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