4 Ways to Make your New Employee More Productive (without Micromanaging)


Your company is expanding, which means you’ve been funded or you’re profitable or just generally you’ve seen some success.  It also means hiring more team members.  While this is exciting, you want to make sure these new employees work at the same (or at least close to) productivity level as the rest of the staff.  So how can you encourage your new staff to work hard and stay productive without breathing down his or her neck?  Here are 4 ways to increase productivity without micromanaging.

1. Find His/Her Passion and Assign Accordingly

Does your new girl love excel? Does the new guy love to write?  Try to, as much as you can, find out what they enjoy and assign them those tasks.  When we like what we’re doing, we tend to work harder at it, as we don’t necessarily consider it work.  To find these interests it will take open communication and conversation.  Take them to lunch or for coffee and try to pull it out of them; in the end, the company will benefit.

2. Incentivize

Especially for startups, this can be tricky.  Big companies tend to give financial incentives (lunches, trips, even cash), but startups the incentives have to be different.  Of course the team lunches can’t hurt, but you can also use things like days off, coffees, more interesting work, etc.  Get creative!  Take a look at this infographic that shows what employers think employees want vs. what they actually want.

3. Humble Yourself

You’re not perfect, and it’s OK that your employees see that.  Sometimes admitting, yeah that is a really hard task for me as well, can actually boast your employee’s confidence.  This also encourages your staff to ask questions so they can complete the task correctly.

4. Give Support

Always make sure your employees have all the tools necessary to complete the assigned tasks.  Do they not have access to some software, make sure they do ASAP.  Also give emotional support and constructive feedback regularly.  If your employee knows they will get feedback on a consistent basis, they will try not to disappoint and get a negative review.

How do you encourage productivity in your office? Leave your ideas in the comments!

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