4 Effective Ways Small Businesses Can Do Marketing


It’s not just a general truth when we say ‘dangers do’t come alone’, it’s an experienced reality for many small businesses and ventures struggling with a palpable budget and manpower. For them, the challenge of meeting the competition seems huge with too many challenges and obstacles blocking their way to success. But winning these challenges and creating a success story with effective marketing techniques and principles is what we call smart marketing. Here we have picked a few of these smart ways small businesses can do marketing. 

1. Know the unique value proposition of the business
As a company or brand in the industry, you must be offering something unique that others are lacking and this is what we know as a unique value proposition for business. The key offerings for your audience and customers are at the heart of this unique value. You must have a clear idea about the unique and most substantial purpose you serve as a company for your audience and the industry. 

In trying to figure out the unique value of your business brand, you must understand the ways your brand stands apart from the rest of the industry. To do this, you can sign up for the industry newsletters, take a look at the relevant and industry publications from time to time and become completely acquainted with the industry offerings and news. The market trends in your niche are also worth taking note as they can have a solid bearing on the acceptance of your business offerings. 

When you have a clear idea about what you are providing to your clients and a clear idea of what your competitors offer, you can easily have a clear idea of how your business offerings stand apart from your competitors. This standout competitive edge is what we commonly refer as a unique value proposition. Once you have nailed down the key points in your unique value proposition, all your marketing campaigns should voice them openly to address your target audience. 

2. Ensure a creative package of marketing techniques
There is a common saying among marketers that states, “give your audience more reasons to love your business instead of just expecting them to favour your brand with publicity”. For instance just by sending a postcard containing your marketing message you can only do what so many others are doing. But when you invite people for a company hosted dinner or get together, you create huge scope to make a lasting impression on your audience. This is just one stray example of the numerous creative ways you can give your marketing a creative boost. 

When it is about making your marketing foster with creative ideas, there is no bunch of ideas and practices ready for you to incorporate and practice. You always need to think anew and completely out of the box to stumble upon never before ways to give your marketing efforts an edge. Moreover, you always need to try as many ways as possible to give your marketing campaigns a sheer polyphonic variety. While “one size fits all” kind of marketing has already lost its appeal and effectiveness, the only package of creative techniques can give your marketing the competitive edge. 

From giving a new look and feel to your marketing emails to the creative design of your mail envelops to organising events that stand out from many others done by your competitors, a small business or a startup stand out competitively from the rest principally on account of creative excellence. 

3. Optimize your web presence
When all businesses are groping for online presence, even a brick and mortar store in a small suburban town does not have any option but to come over the web and do everything to reach an online audience. You get to know and become acquainted with your users and prospects over the web these days, just because most users prefer searching for a product or service online rather than on the pages of the local directory. With an online presence, your business can also reach a wider audience beyond a location. This allows a small business wide and global exposure. 

Now, is it just enough to have a business website representing your brand and business offerings? Presumably no, you need to enhance your web presence to compete with the others in your niche. If you find yourself clueless in this regard follow the below-mentioned tips. 

  • First of all, carry out an audit of your website and while doing so, make sure the web design remains consistent with your website purpose and the brand. 
  • Make sure your website is easy to use, easily engaging and is really fun to use. 
  • Lure your users to sign up for newsletter or mailing list with a beautiful and attention grabbing landing page. 
  • You should also publish valuable contents related to your niche and drive SEO to come on search ranks related to keywords of your niche. 
  • Share and publish links to your web contents across various social media sites and social bookmarking channels to drive traffic to your website. 
  • Build a solid presence in various business review sites of your niche. For instance, travel businesses can think of targeting reviews in TripAdvisor. 
  • Run social media campaigns for your products and services frequently. 

4. Robust and focused social presence
Yes, you have guessed it right. By social presence, we are referring to social media presence for your app. Obviously, it is one of the low-cost ways for marketing products and services these days. But, social media is full of distractions and luring traps that can keep you engaged without any real benefits. 

First of all, you need to prioritise channels for your social presence. Not all channels can be effective in the same manner for every different app. It depends on your target audience and what you want to achieve with your social campaigns. 

Are your offerings suited for main members of the fairer sex? Well, in that case, Pinterest should be an obvious choice. Does your business serve a predominantly male audience? In that case, you must have a Google+ account in your social portfolio. Similarly, for professionals and tech companies, LinkedIn is must, and for contents with a visual flair, both Pinterest and Instagram come as ideal. Lastly, Facebook is pretty irreplaceable for most marketers, and Twitter always fits good for quick announcements.

Ending note
Now, as for contents on social media always talk about your business, your customers and the industry in a productive, relevant and customer centric manner. Secondly, always offer a creative bucket of contents comprising text, images, video, a variation of typeface, animation, GIFs, illustrations, infographics, etc.

Author bio
Darshan Patel is a Lead SEO Analyst & Storyteller at Nimblechapps – The coolest Unity 3D game development company. He believes in using a variety of strategy to create business’s online presence that delight and deliver.