10 Effective Ways to Utilize Blog for a Great Social Media Presence

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As far gaining quick visibility on the web is concerned blogs provide awesome results. It is also a valuable way to interact with your prospects and current customers. Blogs also allow you to keep your web presence engaging and refreshed. You can have a lot of contents on your site that in spite of being older are still relevant and valuable for the user. But to remain vibrant, nevertheless you need fresh contents and that is where blogs play a huge role. A quality blog can also play a valuable role in making the social media presence of your business stronger. Here we will introduce 10 effective ways to utilize a blog for a great social media presence. 

1. A blog posts editorial calendar

First of all, the blog content must be current to offer a value proposition. Most recent blog posts cannot be more than a week or two older. You can stay current by having an editorial calendar in place. Accordingly, you can determine how many blog posts you need per week and the topics you need to cover. You can even go overboard this schedule and posts earlier in case of any emerging need and relevance. Actually, the calendar will always prevent you from getting delayed in a blog posting. 

2. Linking blog with social media profiles

This is a great way to give your social media users an avenue to read a recent blog post and by that way landing on your website. A business website publishing blog content on a regular basis can be greatly benefited by posting the URL in the social profile. If your website has less focus on blog posts, you can provide business website link in the social profile instead of a blog link.

3. Add social media share buttons to your blog posts

Obviously, as the publisher of a digital content, you want an audience to share your content on social platforms and there is no better way to do that other than sharing social buttons to the blog posts. It is even simpler thanks to an array of helpful plugins that let you add share links easily to each of the blog posts. 

4. A blog that fetches results

How can you be effective with your blogging? How the audience will react and how you can address them to garner more engagement? These are crucial things to answer. There is a whole range of blog contents suitable for company blogs. There are some content strategies that can be more effective than the rest. 

  • Blog posts promoting new products and services.
  • Expert posts offering tips, advice, and guidance to readers.
  • The announcing new project, launch, etc.
  • Posts sharing a brand story or story behind a service or product. 
  • Blogs addressing customer concerns.
  • Blogs to boast of accomplishments, awards and recognitions.

5. Make social media post for the blog 

As soon as you have the blog post written, you should direct your social media posts to promote the blog. Make social posts to engage social network connected to your profile in conversation related to the topic of your blog. Basically, for a business organization the blog posts and articles are about creating prospects and guiding them towards the sale.

6. Automated publication of posts

Automated publication works great to ensure meeting deadlines for blog posting as per the content calendar. For this, you need to schedule all blog posts in advance. Obviously, you never want to face a situation in which you have no idea of what content to use. There are services like TweetDeck or HootSuite that can help you to pre-program all your content for publishing on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Always schedule the blog posts and respective email applications well in advance. At least, once or twice a week post is necessary for blogs. Furthermore, you can give alert to readers through email regarding the upcoming posts on your blog and then try to create a buzz about them in social media network.

7. Linking other valuable blog posts 

Another effective way to get discovered is by giving links to other valuable blog posts on a related topic. Did you find a blog post that seems to be unique and valuable? You can comment positively about it on your blog post and provide a link to it. This may be effective in quickly generating interests among the audience who are reading on that topic. Moreover, by setting a link with a trackback or a pingback, you can let the owner be informed about your linking. In this way, you can win favor from other blogs as well. 

8. Sharing and re-sharing 

Sharing rules the social media and it is truer for published contents. Just by sharing a blog post once when it gets published, you cannot win sustained engagement and views from the audience. As the experience of many successful bloggers show, each time content is re-shared they get almost the same number of retweets compared to the previous time. Yes, re-sharing is such a massive tool for blog posts want to create quick buzz and enjoy optimum visibility. 

9. Attention grabbing headlines 

A blog post with the dull title will fail to create interest at first sight which is most important to garner user engagement on social media.  Regardless of the quality and uniqueness of your content, a title is where the user attention lands and if it is not grabbed then and there they will skip the page for elsewhere. 

As Copy blogger has put it, every 8 out of 10 will go through the headline copy while a mere 2 persons out of 10 will go deeper into the content. But obviously, it is the case with most average contents. There are great blogs that enjoy lot higher rate of reading from its users. The blogs that enjoy a maximum rate of user engagement offer enticing titles grabbing quick attention and pushing users to read on. Without a great title, your best content can also perform poorly.

  • The title should express the value of your post. 
  • Prefer clarity of cleverness in the title. The straightforward clear statement about the blog post topic will engage interested audience immediately. 
  • Offer an idea of how many aspects and to what extent you are going to cover an idea. ‘10 Ways to do this’ or ‘5 tips for such and such’, these are popular titles just because of this. The number in the headline makes readers estimate the outcome and length of the posts. 
  • How to in headlines is good for expert topics as it hints on expressing the way one should perform a task or do a particular thing. 

10. Give your blog posts the edge of industry influencers 

The quotes of influencers belonging to your industry offer a great way to make your post credible. You can easily feature influencer quotes several times within a blog post. After publishing the post you can let them know that they have been mentioned your post. This is helpful because in most cases at least some influencers will share the post as they have been mentioned in it.

The other effective way is to select your preferred influencer from your industry and then after interviewing them posting it on your blog. Undoubtedly, with such express coverage, they will share the post with their followers helping you garner good volume of traffic for your site. 

To conclude,

You must remember that a great social media presence is not created overnight but by creating  a day to day engagement by voicing the things that your audience wants to hear. Ensure that all of your social media profiles are custom designed with graphic, color and typographic elements that represent your brand. To gain consistent traffic to your blog you need to engage with the audience and make an impression of your brand in the social media profile.

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Keval Padia is a Founder & CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing web app development and ios app development company. The current innovation and updates of the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.