10 Effective Productivity Tips Every Business will Find Helpful

Business Productivity Tips
Productivity is only ensured by meticulous and intelligent planning and consistent focus.  Often just because of lack in these respects one lacks productivity at workplace. While there is always scope for improvement, at least the completion of tasks should save a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Workplace productivity is irrevocably related with efficiency of staffs and this is the reason why efficiency of workforce always remains under focus. So, productivity is the single most important factor capable build business reputation and increase revenue growth. Here are 10 effective productivity tips every business will find helpful.

1. Avoid multi-tasking through prioritizing

While checking mails we cannot severe our attention entirely from the mobile message or while discussing something urgent with the colleague we have the habit of taking side glance on the laptop. Without our knowing, we often remain multi tasked and without our knowing this severely harms our productivity.  This is true for almost everyone, whether you are a freelancer working from your home or a project manager at your workplace or a busy business owner of a rising startup. Multitasking all over the world for ages is regarded as a silent productivity killer and this time you better address it with a ‘one job at a time; approach.

Obviously, this approach undeniably refers to prioritizing your tasks. When you prioritize tasks and accordingly make a schedule for each task, you can concentrate on each separately. This would help avoiding errors and completing tasks faster than usual as well.

2. Instead of email use group messaging more

Emails are an archaic way of communication as this is still less than what we mean as ‘real time communication’. On the other hand, sophisticated chat platforms like Skype, HipChat, Slack, etc. make more real time faster collaboration and communication among several people possible.

Group messaging has several advantages over emails. First of all, group chats can easily replace the chain of time consuming emails. Secondly, it utilizes least resources compared to emails and lastly, it facilitates easy conversation in just seconds besides other benefits like notifications and easily searchable chat histories. For internal non-formal and effective communication group messaging is more effective compared to email conversation.

3. Utilize project management software to your advantage

For the past few years, project management software is increasingly being used in companies  to track projects effectively. An array of sophisticated software services like Open Project, Trello, Omnifocus, etc. are now allowing you to create, track and collaborate on various projects. There are even more advanced project management software services that can be used for other purposes like budgeting, news feeds, etc. The suitable project management software can help allocating right tasks to right team and then assign further to capable individuals. Thus the assignment itself makes both project deadline and accountability clear.

4. Enhance effectiveness through apps  

There is practically a sea of helpful apps and software to increase productivity in various settings. For example, Dropbox makes file management and file sharing easier replacing the need to email files to and fro with remote workers, apps like Any Meeting for facilitating a webinar; Basecamp for scheduling and tracking projects; Hootsuite for scheduling all your social media posts, etc.

5. Outsource all regular personal needs

Demands of high productivity ultimately make you think of certain adjustments in your personal life as well. You need to avoid spending energy in things that without adding value of any sort take a good deal of your time and energy. It can be your regular laundry, grocery shopping, cooking or any regular tasks of this sort. Thanks to many dedicated services today you can seek these services at your doorstep now and save the time and energy spent in them.

6. Delegate tasks as per demand and capacity

While teamwork and collaboration is often the key element of workplace productivity, you cannot ensure optimum collaboration unless you can delegate tasks as per demand and capacity of the participants. First of all, one needs to trust his colleagues and make them feel important in the project. Secondly, delegate tasks o people who suits for the task best in their capacity. Having a frank and collaborative approach rather than a commanding one is the key to gain maximum support from the workforce.

7. Make to do lists

From simple personal tasks such as taking the kid to school to scheduling meeting with new clients to emailing boss over a new milestone achieved by your team, in a day one goes through a series of tasks with different level of priorities and importance. Often, focusing on one task the other task slips from our mind and considering that oblivion is a common human phenomenon, it is quite natural for all of us, particularly for busy professionals. Maintaining to-do lists with sequence of time, date and reminder is a good way to avoid this and there are too many great mobile apps to help in this regard. Google Tasks is a good app that sync with other Google apps and services including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Drive, etc.

8. Take precaution from distractions

Social media chat these days is the number one distraction on the web. Almost all of us have multiple social profiles across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Chat, and many more. As per latest statistic, in US alone 12.2 billion hours every day are spent collectively on social media causing more than $650 billion loss per year. Strictly avoiding these distractions in workplace is a necessary measure without which no business can drive productivity.

9. Take advantage of cloud software

Non-device specific and non-location specific collaboration between employees through internet based services offered the new edge to the productivity measures in companies. Obviously, cloud based services and apps had a big role in this. From video streaming to file sharing and collaborating on documents to controlling access  among various touch points, cloud based apps offered a new way of connecting and engaging with each other.

10. Refresh and reenergize with timely breaks

Finally, it is the breaks between sessions of work that gives the brain freshness and revitalizes it for more concentration. Frequent short breaks after every two or three hours of work are more effective than a single break for a long period of time. Besides, helping you keep fit and sound in health, such small breaks actually provide relief to your stressed nerves and help you think more clearly. Obviously, nothing works better for higher productivity than sound health and clear thinking.

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